Don’t Underestimate Book Lovers

I keep thinking I really should buy the mourning the loss of a good character shirt I made on Skreened above.  This post was inspired by the daily post one word prompt, and I am sorry if it sounds like a rant against those who “don’t like to read” (I truly feel sorry for all you are missing) and those that think reading is only for nerds/geeks (I maybe a nerd/geek in your world but my world is better than yours will ever be).  I a a bibliophile and proud of it, so don’t underestimate me.

Please don’t Underestimate a book lover.

Don’t think that because it may take me a week or two between posts that I am not an avid reader (right now I am reading no less than 3 books).  Don’t underestimate my ability to grow emotionally attached to fictional characters, don’t underestimate my superpower, it is to go on literary adventures and fall into fantastical worlds.

From a young child I have taken one bite of the apple and fallen into a slumber that only true love’s kiss could break.  I fought alongside Aslan and still check closets, because I know Narnia is real.  I blended into the mist with a special cape and have felt paper magic flow through my body.  I was forced to read some authors, but I know Nevermore means more than just an annoying Raven.

Yes, I go on real life adventures too.  But, I have sworn I was up to no good at Hogwarts and would not let muggles get me down.  I have traveled through time with vampires, and pirates (sometimes at the same time).  I have trained to become dauntless, walked as direwolf, traveled up to the very top of the Empire State Building & the bottom of the lake to see my father Poseidon, and felt the power of being the Mother of Dragons. The list could go on… I have fallen in love Four, Robb Stark, Wesley, and countless others.

Yes, I have been to Chicago in real life, however I would have liked it better if I could have been wearing a Midnight High School t-shirt, and seen Merit kick butt.  I know New York, but seeing it through the eyes of Clary, Simon, Jace, and Bane made me rush to the bookstore for the next adventure. I have seen the Ringling Brother’s Circus, but I have experienced another circus, one that arrives without warning.  While I may never have visited India, I don’t think it would be half as adventurous without Kelsey, Ren, & Kishan there to break the Tiger’s Curse.  Boston is one of my favorite cities to visit, but I would love to meet Magnus there and jump over statutes in the park.

I may have gone to camp as a kid, but nothing will ever top Camp Halfblood not even Camp Jupiter (but it comes pretty close).  Tea with my mother and grandmother is fun but not as insane as coming upon the Mad Hatter in Wonderland.

You see crimes being solved on movies, but wouldn’t you rather  solve them alongside Walk Longmire.   Or better yet solve a ghostly mystery Lockwood & Co?  I may not pass the test to be an astronaut, but I have traveled to the moon (and the future) with Winter, Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and the rest of the gang.


Don’t underestimate a book lover, they know fantasies can be real, they know there is always another secret (because the book is better).  Book lovers live in a world full of endless possibilities, a world without limits, can travel through time, can see the future, and still make it home for dinner.  In short Book Lovers Rock!


PS – sorry for all the links to shirts I made, book reviews, and books to buy on Amazon.



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