Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean

Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean (Book 1) by Justin Somper

Character List:

Grace = Conner’s twin sister, smart
Conner = Grace’s twin brother, strong
Dexter Tempest = lighthouse keeper, father if twins Grace & Conner
Polly Pagett = matron of Crescent Moon Bay Orphanage
Lachlan Busby = Crescent Moon Bay Bank Manager
Cheng Li = pirate that rescues Conner, sails on The Diablo, does not get along with Captain Wrathe
Molucco Wrathe = Captain of The Diablo
Bartholomew = pirate on The Diablo
“Cutlass” Cate Morgan = pirate & swordswoman on The Diablo
Lorcan Furey = rescued Grace, swears to protect her
The Captain = Grace’s savior, promises her she will be safe on his ship
Miss Darcy Flotsam = rings the Dawning bell and the Nightfall bell
Book Review/Summary:
Starting out the twins, Grace & Conner, hear the shanty (old song) of vampirates from their father, who in the next chapter is dead.  There is no mother in the picture, and given the choice of the orphanage or being adopted by the town banker the twins decide to take to the seas.  Unfortunately, the seas separate the twins and almost kills both of them, so that a few chapters in the twins are on separate pirate ships, but convinced that the other is still alive.
There is no real set up to how close the twins are, except that it is repeatedly stated and the twins miss each other.  The ships are mysterious at first and more characters and details about the ship are revealed in alternating chapters.  It is nice to know that every other chapter or so there is a switch from Conner’s view to Grace’s view.  The titles of the Chapters are also revealing of something key that will happen in that chapter, introducing a new character, or an event.
Half-way through the book the twins have been separated by fate, and are trying to find their way on the ship that has rescued each one.  Grace has realized that that shanty her father would sing to them is true and what kind of ship she is really on.  Conner is torn between knowing his sister is alive and what his shipmates tell him, and decided to follow the advice of his father “Make yourself ready and trust the tide.”
The story ends predictably with the twins having reunited, but potential conflict looms in the air.  The Vampirates ship has an enemy and Grace may not be willing to leave.  The Diablo has a danger new person on their ship and Conner may not be willing to leave.
The ending of the book, makes me feel as if the purpose of this book was just to lay the ground work for future books.  There is the possibility of conflict and power struggles, on both ships, but nothing really has happened in this book.  While this is not the next great masterpiece that will change the world of literature, it is a fun lighthearted read.  I have hope that the next book in the series will improve my view, or I may end the reading there.

Suggested Reading:

Originally My Book Review Blooger posted on 3/22/2016 (see here)

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