The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments

The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments by Jeff B. Cohen

Book Review/Summary:
I purchased this book from Amazon after I listened to the author on an American Bar Association webinar.  I am not a “Dealmaker” in the sense that is used in the book, I don’t negotiate deals for a living as a lawyer.  However, everyone is constantly negotiating in their lives and just because you are not a contract lawyer or talent manager the Ten Commandments here still hold true.  The ideas that create a successful Dealmaker in the talent industry are easily transferable to any job that lawyers are involved in.  I honestly think this should be required reading for law school students, because after sitting through Contracts I & II and a semester of Commercial Papers one know the Code, but not how to negotiate.  This book focuses more on negotiation skills, and honestly everyone can benefit from brushing up on negotiation skills.
The Tips and Self-Mastery Sections at the end of each Commandment is good self-reflection for the reader while not coming across as “Duh, you should know this!” or “Now spend an insane amount of time reflecting before the next Commandment.”  They are ideas and suggestions on how to self-reflect and incorporate what you were reading into your job.  The book being about 130 pages means it is not an in depth detailed this is what you must do to be successful in being a “Dealmaker” but that is not the purpose of the book.  The purpose of the book is to realize what skills are needed and the Tips and Self-Mastery allow for the reader to determine how to incorporate, strengthen, and hone those skills as it relates to their job.
By biggest compliant with this book is that the title makes it sound like it would only be relevant for lawyers who represent talent in Hollywood.  However, if you read the book it is more about being a negotiator and that is transferable to so many jobs.  Lawyers, no matter what type of law you practice, are constantly negotiating.
For a “job book” meaning not a book I would pick up and read to decompress from work (ex. books Rick Riordan or Craig Johnson) this was a very good read.  The length also means that it could be read while traveling for work (in the car listen to the audio instead of trying to read and drive).

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