Norse Myths

Norse Myths: Viking Legends of Heroes and Gods by Martin J. Dougherty

If you are into Magnus Chase (see book review here) or Thor and Loki from Marvel Avenger Movies, this book will give you a nice background.

The book is not entirely stories of the myths and legends, but more of a reference guide on who they Gods are and what the legends are about.  This is a nice read at night or to keep in the car/backpack for when you have to wait a few minutes, as it can easily be picked up and put down without missing a beat.  As I said this is more of a reference guide than a book of stories.

The illustrations are very nice and have both pictures of artifacts and drawings that illustrate some of the myths and legends.

The format is good, the insets of extra information are nicely done and overall I would recommend this book for readers who wish to learn more about the Norse Myths that are starting to show up in more and more pop culture references.

Suggested Reading/Watching

Magnus Chase

Prose Edda


Thor: Dark World


Avengers: Age of Ultron

Vikings – History Channel Series

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