Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard (book 1)


Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer (book 1)

Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors, so I know there is some bias to this review.  I will try and be fair, but honestly I do enjoy his humor and writing style, please keep that in mind when reading my review.

Character List: (not all inclusive)

Magnus Chase: main character son of Frey

Randolph: Magnus’s Uncle

Blitzem “Blitz”: friend and protector of Magnus (dwarf)

Hearthstone “Hearth”: friend and protector of Magnus, deaf, uses sign langauge (elf)

T.J: Civil War Solider & hallmate to Magnus, son of Tyr (God of courage)

X: a half-troll & hallmate to Magnus

Mallory Keen: hallmate to Magnus

Halfborn Gunderson: hallmate to Magnus

Samirah “Sam” al-Abba’s: Valkyrie that selected Magnus

Gunilla: head of Valkyries

Surt: Fire God

Mimir: adviser to Odin

Fenris: the wolf


The story is typical to Rick Riordan’s modern day world mixed with mythological gods.  This series is about Norse Gods & Mythology.  Magnus is the main character who is new to this world, because his mortal mother tried to keep it a secret and protect him.  Then something happens that changes this and Magnus becomes aware of the different worlds.  Typical pattern to start a Rick Riordan book, characters are introduced and more is revealed about each character including how they are integrated into this world.  This story is based in the mortal world of Boston with the mythical world of Norse Gods & Legends easily accessing other worlds through doors hidden in Boston.

The quest is cryptic, but makes sense as the story progresses.  Mimir and other characters give Magnus clear tasks that will somehow help the cryptic prophecy came about.  Midway through the book the smaller steps are made semi-clear, you know the goal but not the outcome that will result.  The group that will be needed to complete the quest has been assembled and they are off to start their first task.  Some motives are fully known, others are hinted at, and other motives are guesses.  If you have read other books by this author you will see a pattern and may be more successful at guessing motives.

As the quest progresses the team builds rapport, learns each other’s secrets, protects each other, and as the reader you come to embrace all of the characters.  The team seems mismatched and up against daunting tasks, but through teamwork they learn they can conquer anything they are tasked with along the way to complete the quest.  As a team the tasks and quest is completed, with some unfortunate results for some characters.  The core of the team is rewarded at the end, and it looks like they may separate for a brief time, but more quests are hinted and and plans to see each other again are made.

This being the first book in the series there are hints and clues about what will come (and hopefully be resolved) in future books.  The books does end with finality for this quest and could be a stand alone as no other quests are directly indicated.  There is a direct hint at why one task was not completed in the Epilogue. The hints of what is to come thrill me, because there is at least one other series that looks like Magnus and his crew might have a cross-over with.  The hints of what is to come in this series left me on a high note and glad a I preordered the second book in this series, The Hammer of Thor.

I can’t fault the author for sticking with his pattern, it has clearly worked and resulted in massive success for him.  However, you hope that something is different, something is not going to follow the script.

As a bonus there is a small cameo from another character in another series.  It is small, and almost screamed at you when mentioned in a few sentences here and there and confirmed in chapter twenty-six.  There are also jokes aimed at some of his other series, I enjoy an author that can poke fun at himself and his other characters without being disrespectful to fans of that series.

Suggested Reading:

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Heroes of Olympus Series


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When I saw the Daily Post topic this was the book that sprung to mind, because Magnus Sacrifice himself to save others.

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