Winter of the Gods

Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky

Artemis, Selene DiSilva, and Theo are hunting down another cult.  This time the cult is killing Gods as sacrifices to bring power to The Host.  After reading The Immortals I had high hopes for this story and what would happen to the Gods remaining in New York City.  This journey is heartbreaking and heartwarming, with crime solving thrown in.

The ending leaves the possibility of a third book, but also could end there.  The Gods struggle with their pasts, their loss of immortality as the world grows farther from them, and the humans deal with life as humans interacting with the Gods.  As a new cult comes to realize that using the power of the Gods to strengthen their own power.  The twists in who the leader really is plays out nicely and with some distractions along the way.  I am really struggling with if I like the ending or not to write an unbiased review.  If you like stories involving Apollo Falling, Norse Demi-gods, or Shadowhunters you might want to give these two books a read.

Character List/Book Summary:

Selene DiSilva = (Artemis, Lady of the Hounds, Goddess of the Wild, Protector of Virgins, Mistress of Beasts) was Cynthia Forrester in the 1970s NYPD, private detective, who is in a relationship with Theo, complicated feelings about her family

Theodore Shultz = Columbia University professor of Ancient Greek and Latin, running the Classics Department, Selene’s partner in crime, loves her

Gabriela Jimenez = curator in Anthropology department of American Natural History, Native American, helps Theo when Selene is in trouble

Dash/Scooter = (Hermes, God of Liars & Thieves, God of Travelers) was in LA when Hades was kidnapped, tells Selene where Flint is, gets kidnapped and rescued and rescues divine weapons on his way out of the kidnapping

Paul = (Apollo, God of Music & Light, Healing, Sun God) goes to Castle William to talk to Martin and gets kidnapped, Selene and him make amends, is tortured by the cult with memories of his past misdeeds

Flint = (Hephaestus, the Smith, God of the Forge) Selene finds him and brings him into the battle, makes a special weapon for Selene, Selene helps heal him with fire, his magical net can only set free those that truly love him.

Hippolyta = Selene’s dog, stays with Ruth when Selene and Theo have to go on the run from the cult and find her brothers

Minh Loi = showed up beaten at Gabri’s door, works in Earth & Space, asked Selene for help, Theo asks for her help with a star chart

Lars = Minh met him online, keeper at Central Park Zoo, works with the bears

Veronica & Betty = bears at the Central Park Zoo, Selene communicated with them

Everett Halloran = (Orion) died a few months ago, leader of a cult from book 1

Detective Maggie Freeman = Detective on Classicist Cult, contacts Theo about new cult

Captain Geraldine “Gerry” Hansen = Counter Terorism Division, doesn’t want Theo’s help on the new cult, has a secret

Hades = (Lord of the Dead, God of Wealth) captured and killed by the new cult, his death was at a famous landmark in NYC

Hyaena = (only female in the cult) assigned the role to kill Praenuntius, believes the cult will bring peace to the world

Praenuntius = (The Harbinger, The Chained One, The Lofty Minded, Prometheus) only listens to the Hyaena

Pater Patrum = The Father of Fathers, has a secret identity even to the cult

Heiodromus Primus = doesn’t like Hyaena, hawk faced

Persephone = Hade’s wife, escaped to Peru to find safety with her mom after Hade’s was kidnapped

Ruth Willeaver = Theo’s friend, research scientist, dog sits Hippo, has crush on Theo, lets Selene heal on her couch

Sophie = Paul’s girlfriend, lets Selene and Theo into his concert

Martin (Ares/Mars, God of War) stole Flint’s wife Aphrodite from him and threatened to kill the Gods, Selene suspects he killed Hades and is keeping his divinity because of wars.

Philippe = (Eros, God of Love) Aphrodite and Mars’ son, loves his step-father Flint very much, runs a dating website, helps Selene with a special arrow when she requests it

The Host = cult leader, who they think they are bringing back

Corvus Secundo = wore the winged hat, attacked Selene in the park

Miles Primus = cult solider with think thighs

Cautes & Cautopates = torch holders one facing up the other facing down

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