The Great Divorce

The Great Divorce is an Imaginary tale of a man who takes a bus trip from Hell into Heaven, and learn how people keep themselves from truly being able to let go and enjoy Heaven.

Interestingly told without names and through the narrator’s view you see in each chapter why people cannot stay in Heaven.  Each scenario that narrator comes up with his guide exposes a different reason why a person is not truly happy and therefore chooses to stay in Hell.  In each instance it is not a huge sin that does them in, it is small things that happen in everyday life that weigh the soul down like a heavy chain.  The person who holds a grudge, doesn’t fully understand love, uses love as a tool to get their way, the person who always finds something to complain about are all examples in this book as to people who decide not to stay and enjoy Heaven.

While it is not a new concept that you can’t truly be happy if you are holding onto the small negative things in life, it may have been when it was written. This book does a great job of not using names or detailed descriptions to show how people are hurting themselves by not not letting go of misery, petty, and selfishness so they can be happy.

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