Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland And Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

After having watched the Disney cartoon movie as a child I really enjoyed the Wonderland World.  I decided to by the book with both stories, because I slightly remember Wonderland, but did not remember Looking-Glass.

I really enjoyed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it was such a great read that I flew through it.  However, Though the Looking Glass was harder for me to get through.  I don’t understand why, and I don’t think I can explain it, but I struggled to enjoy it.  After three weeks of struggling I gave up and did not finish reading it.

I cannot explain why I love Wonderland, but struggled with enjoying Looking-Glass.  The author is great and the characters are equally entertaining, but for some reason the second story just did not endear itself to me as much as the first story did.

Suggested Reading/Watching:

Disney Cartoon Movie

Disney Movie with Johnny Depp

Once Upon Wonderland – ABC TV Show

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