Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklinaudiobook

I remember being intrigued by Benjamin Franklin when I was learning American History.  This book drastically changed my views on this historic figure.

The writings of Benjamin Franklin show how different the world was back then and how far we have come while not changing much at all in some respects.  The wisdom of Mr. Franklin is equal to his ego, and sometimes it was difficult to keep going, because of how egotistical the writings were.  Mr. Franklin almost appeared to claim that he discovered that daylight happens when the sunrises, yet he did give valuable insight to how the United States was charted and formed during and after the American Revolution.

I want to give this a great review, for his writings were insightful, but his ego was off putting at times.  This was a good collection of his writings, but not a page turner and it was something I could walk away from and not come back to for several days or weeks.


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