Spirit of Steamboat

Spirit of Steamboat (A Longmire Story) by Craig Johnson

Character List:
Walter “Walt” Longmire= Sheriff, widower
Martha = Walt’s wife, who died several years ago
Victoria “Vic” Moretti = Under-Sheriff, from Philadelphia
Henry Standing Bear = Walt’s best friend, Native american
Lucian Connally = former Sheriff, friend of Walt’s often times provides help and guidance
Ferg = deputy that works for Walt
Ruby = dispatcher for Absaroka County Sheriff’s Office
“Double Tough” = Deputy that works for Walt, ex-oil rig jockey
Santiago “Sacho” Saizarbitoria = Deputy that works for Walt (wife = Marie, son = Antonio)
Cady = Walt’s daughter, married to Michael, lives in Philadelphia
Michael Moretti = Cady’s husband, Vic’s younger brother
Julie Luehrman = co-pilot & mechanic
Isaac Bloomfield = doctor in Durant
Rick = Durant Airport Manager
Ms. Oda = grandmother of injured child
Amaterasu = young girl injured, name means shining over heaven

Book Review and Summary:

A Christmas short story, that involves memories from Walt and Lucian.  Cady has not yet given birth to her daughter at the start of the book, but is due soon.  The short story is a great read, and does not seem like it is required to understand other books in the series.  However, I enjoy any book that helps you know more about characters that you love.
A young child is the only survivor of an accident that killed everyone in her family on Christmas Eve.  She is seriously injured and needs to be flow to a hospital in Denver that specializes in her injuries.  Her grandmother meets Walt at Durant Airport.  The life-flight helicopter barely arrived at the airport, and cannot take the young girl to Denver due to a storm that is ground flights and cannot be flown around.  The highway patrol has shut down the roads and it would take too long to drive the young girl anyway.  The only plane that can make the flight is so old that Lucian Connally has to be brought back into service by Walt.  The stage is set for a risky flight and scary adventure to get the girl there and the crew back home before Christmas.  By the middle of the book the doctor is improvising medical equipment in an aircraft that might barely get there before running out of fuel, and Walt wishing for just one thing to go right.  Of course things are not going right, and the quirks of each character shine in these situations.  A Christmas story always has a happy ending, and this one just warms your heart.

Suggested Reading:

Suggested Viewing:

Longmire Season 1 & 2

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