Winter (Lunar Chronicles)

Lunar Chronicles: Winter by Marissa Meyer

Character List:

Cinder: Princess and Heir to Luna, part cyborg
Winter: Princess on Luna, step-daughter to Levana
Cress: a gadget wiz, part of Cinder’s crew
Scarlet: a human who lived in France, in love with Wolf, captured by Levana, part of Cinder’s crew
Wolf: Solider that escaped from Levana’s special pack, in love with Scarlet, part of Cinder’s crew
Thorne: Captain and part of Cinder’s crew
Kai: emperor on Earth
Levana: Queen of Luna, Aunt to Cinder
Iko: cyborg, part of Cinder’s crew
Aimery: Solider on Luna, servant to Levana,
Jacin Clay: Solider on Luna, servant to Levana, in love with Winter
Torin: adviser to Kai

Book Review & Summary:

This is the last book in the series, and the lead up to this book is well worth it and finally paying off.   The crew that has been gathering and agreeing to help Cinder overthrow Levana to help the humans on Earth get rid of the disease she created and to help make conditions better for those on Luna have arrived on Luna.  Right away things go wrong and the team is scattered and changing the plans that they thought would work.  Winter is now learning about what Cinder has planned and trying to help.
Halfway through the book and part of you will wish there is a resolution and the other part of you is sad that the series will end soon and are hoping that Winter or Cinder come out on top.  With things having gone wrong and the plan in chaos the reader is left with bits and pieces of clues that have been woven in the stories since the start.
As the chaos of overthrowing Levana occurs several characters risk their lives and their futures are unknown.  Each character is becoming more independent, brave, and their reasons for doing this become personal as well as for the greater good.  Each of Cinder’s crew is risking their lives to help her, and you want to cheer for them at their small victories, feel heartbroken at defeats, and keep your hopes up for a happy ending for all of these characters (even if it seems unlikely to happen at times).  While I do not want to spoil the ending, I am thankful that Marissa Meyer was writing the series instead of George R.R. Martin.  The ending tied up all of the story lines, at least all the ones I thought there were.  Do you find out every detail, no, but you get an idea of what the characters will be doing and what their lives will be like.  After three books and some novellas I really appreciated how the story lines came together and came to a conclusion.

Suggested Reading:

Cinder  (book 1 in the Lunar Chronicles)

Scarlet  (book 2 in the Lunar Chronicles)

Cress (book 3 in the Lunar Chronicles)


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