Once Upon A Broken Heart

Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

After having enjoyed Caraval, Legendary, and Finale readers were sad to leave this magical world. Stephanie Garber has taken readers back to the world where the Fates walk among mortals and magic is real. Evangeline Fox makes a deal with the Prince of Hearts, aka Jacks, and her life is drastically shifted. With a chance at a fresh start for herself, and possibly her step-sister Marisol Evangeline travels to the Magical North at the request of Empress of the Meridian Empire, Scarlett Marie Draga, and her sister Princess Donatella. Evangeline realizes she is stronger than she thinks and that hope for true love and multiple endings are worth fighting for. Readers will easily fall back in love with this magical realm where the Fates, curses, magic spells, and so much more are not only possible but make the reader wish it was a real place to visit.

Character List/Book Summary:
Evangeline Fox – searched the for missing Prince of Hearts’ church door, when a drop of her blood opened the door she enters into the world of the Fates and Fates are released into the world. She smells apples and blood in the church, rumor explains that when you enter this church it smells different to everyone, because it smells like your true love.  Agrees to a deal with Jacks to stop the wedding between who she believes is her true love, Luc, and her step-sister. After this deal, Evangeline turns herself to stone to save Luc, her step-sister, and all the wedding guests. After being freed, she tells suitors that her step-mother has lining up for her that her kisses turn men into stone. Agrees to go to the Magical North to attend the festivities for Prince Apollo Titus Acadian who is searching for his bride.

Prince of Hearts/Jacks – one of the Fates, appears to Evangeline in his church. The deal he makes with her is that she will owe him 3 kisses to 3 different people when and where he says it. Spoiler: only two of the kisses are called upon in this book. In the Magical North he has made himself into Lord Jacks and an advisor to Prince Apollo. Jacks creates situations that allows Evangeline to fulfill a prophecy of being a magical key to unlock the Valory Arch. Keeps Evangeline alive, because she is useful to him, and warns her that he is not a friend and the Fates have different emotions than humans do.

Maximilian – Evangeline’s father, spoke of magic as if it were real. Died last season. Owned four shops, one of which is a secret even to Evangeline. Joked with Evangeline that he and her mother found her in a create in the Curiosity shop he willed to Evangeline. Remarried after Evangeline’s mother died, as if he knew he would die shortly too.

Luc Navarro – smells of suede and vetiver, and was seeing Evangeline in secret. Upper tier of society. Engaged to Marisol and could only think of Marisol and was obsessed with her as if he was under a spell. After the first failed marriage he was mauled by wolves on the way to his second marriage to Marisol. Evangeline sees him as a fledgling in Chaos’s liar of vampire assassins. He bites Jack and infects him, when Jacks jumps in to save Evangeline from Luc’s bite.

Marisol – Evangeline’s step-sister, being called the Cursed Bride, because she had two failed wedding attempts with Luc. Jacks warns Evangeline that Marisol is not what Evangeline thinks she is. Marisol has spell books in her possession and was seen going into spell shops. Admits to Evangeline that she put a spell on Luc, because she was jealous of Evangeline and the confidence she had and what she had with Luc. Turns on Evangeline and betrays her when Evangeline is wanted for murder.

Agnes – Evangeline’s step-mother. Sold the curiosity shop while Evangeline was stone. Is not nice to Marisol and points out her flaws.

Poison – the Fate Poisoner, the potion master for the King, turned Evangeline back to human form, and warns her that she will always be drawn to Jacks until there deal is done.

Liana – Evangeline’s mother who was raised in the Magical North, died several years ago. Told stories about magic and the Magical North to Evangeline as she was growing up, including that the magic of the North couldn’t come south.

Scarlett Marie Draga – Empress of the Meridian Empire, wants to meet Evangeline and requests that she goes to the Magical North to represent her at Prince Apollo’s festivities.

Princess Donatella – “the Fate Slayer” cannot remember what she heard about Prince Apollo but knows she heard something about him. Has arranged for dresses and lodgings for Evangeline’s trip to the festivities.

Prince Apollo Titus Acadian – Prince of the Magnificent North, can only become king after the festivities when he will pick his bride. Before the ceremonies said he has no intention of being married so the festivities could last a long time.

Ariel “LaLa” Lagrimas – the Fate “the unwed bride” her family is shrouded in mystery. knows she has no real chance of marrying the prince. Becomes friends with Evangeline after the first night at the private dinner when she helps protect Evangeline from a reporter. Her tears killed Apollo on his wedding night. Warns Evangeline that Chaos is a vampire and that she should not trust Jacks.

Tiberius – Prince Apollo’s younger brother, had a falling out some months ago with Apollo and now avoids functions. Accuses Evangeline & Jacks of murder, when he knows who the real killer is. Become engaged to Marisol within a day of Evangeline being accused of killing Apollo. Evangeline uses one of the Fortuna’s Flavored Drinks to get him to confess to the royal guards and Havelock who really killed Prince Apollo.

Tabitha Fortuna – threatened to kill Evangeline, and Jacks made Evangeline kiss her as her 2nd required kiss. Warned Evangeline that she will open the Valory Arch and that it must not be opened.

Nicodemus – a librarian in Wolf Hall that gives Evangeline guidance and warnings about a door in the library

Havelock – Prince Apollo’s personal guard, suspected Tiberius after such a quick engagement, and his efforts to get their marriage delayed were ignored. Brings Evangeline to Phaedra of the Damned. After the real kill has been revealed he becomes Evangeline’s personal guard.

Chaos – A Fate, has been in the North while the other Fates were trapped in the deck of cards. Appeared to Evangeline as the solider who warned her before she met him with Jacks. Has a helmet on his face that prevents him from feeding.

Phaedra of the Damned – can get secrets from the dead, Havelock had hoped she would be able to get the secret of who killed Apollo.


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