Queen of Thieves

Queen of Thieves by Beezy Marsh

This was an interesting book, and one that might not have been picked to read if it wasn’t for Book of the Month. A fun read, but most readers will easily guess what is going to happen easily. Alice uses Nell, and Nell plots revenge after she is forced to spend six months in prison, give up her baby, and her family disowns her for getting pregnant before she is married. Alice teaches Nell how to hoist goods and how to survive in the gangland. Once out of prison, Alice wants Nell to go undercover and get information on Billy Sullivan. It doesn’t take readers long to figure out who Billy really is to Alice and will not be surprised at what happens when those two finally come face to face. Nell’s continued feelings for Jimmy seem out of place with her character development, but it may be a case of you never really get over your first love. Billy has a successful racket going, but his meticulous nature is also his weakness. Alice’s brutality and how she runs her gang with fear is probably her undoing. The character of Molly seems more like it was a forced role so that Alice could see a role and promotion for Nell, it was only a matter of time before she got what was coming to her. It was a fun read, but not one I would recommend to anyone I normally recommend books to. Even here I am struggling to advise any reader of this post to seriously consider this book, even as a light or quick read. There are better light and quick stories out there. I would not tell someone who was interested in this book not to read it, but I would not suggest it to someone who had no idea what to read. That is the ultimate ruling on this book, if you were thinking of reading it go ahead if you had not considered it don’t bother.

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