A Sinister Revenge

A Sinister Revenge: A Veronica Speedwell Mystery by Deanna Raybourn

Veronica and Stoker are separated both romantically and in scientific travels at the start of this book, but the reader will be very happy to see how these two reconnect in Stoker’s childhood home. Tiberius is traveling with Veronica when he receives death threats and asks her to find his brother, because his help is needed. Stoker agrees to help Tiberius, with some encouragement from Veronica. Stoker and Veronica travel to Stoker’s childhood home where Tiberius is hosting the college friends he traveled with one summer, but two have died and Tiberius hopes to discover who the killer is. As the reunion commences Veronica learns a little more about Stoker’s childhood and local area, which is rich in fossils. Veronica makes a few new friends, and a few established characters make surprise appearances. This author leaves you wanting for more and eager to read the next installment (hopefully there will be one).

Character List/Book Summary:

Veronica Speedwell – did not go after Stoker after she found out she had never been married because of her dignity and became upset that he never reached out to her. Does not tell Stoker about J.J. being at Cherboys. Becomes friendly with August and Elspeth during this adventure. Realizes how sensitive Merryweather is while she is learning about Stoker’s childhood. Tells Tiberius and Stoker that a woman sent the threats, and wagers with Tiberius and Stoker about it.

Stoker – left for Germany after the last adventure with Veronica telling her he needs space, and is upset she did not chase after him. Wants Veronica to show him she cares about him, similar to how he has repeatedly risked his life for her.

Tiberius – Stoker’ solder brother. Wanted Stoker’s help in finding out who is threatening his life. Marks the 20th anniversary of Lorenzo’s death with a reunion of those who were there when he died. His wife died and when there is mention of this Veronica realizes how much Tiberius did care for her. Agrees to help J.J. get another type of story in exchange for not writing about the murders and who is really responsible.

Merryweather – Stoker’s brother, a churchman in the local village near Cherboys, meets Veronica and Stoker at the train station and shows them around town while taking them to the house. Admits so Stoker that he tried to cook and set his house on fire. Veronica feels a soft spot for him, and how he was forced into the church instead of the life he may have wanted.

Kaspar – died of gout, one of the seven sinners, his death notice had a threat to Tiberius on it

Alexandre – died from bad oysters, one of the seven sinners, his death notice had a threat to Tiberius on it too.

Pietro Salviati – one of the seven sinners, married to an American. Knows his wife’s real identity, but not what she had been up to. Mourns the loss of his wife when she dies during the dinner.

Benedict Tyrell – one of the seven sinners, becomes a missionary and died a decade or so ago while trying to convert folks on an island and was then eaten by the locals to set an example

Lorezno d’Ambrogio – one of the seven sinners, wanted to dig up a fossil on the grounds of Cherboys (Stoker’s father roped off the area when the ground became too unstable). His death seemed accidental at the time, but Tiberius always felt it was off and that his father closed the issue too quickly but did not think about it until now.

James MacIver – one of the seven sinners, had just gotten engaged to Augusta when they were at Cherboys, lives in Scotland and hosts VIPs to his land. An MP now.

Timothy Gresham – village doctor, neighbor to Cherboys, was part of the parties that happened when the seven sinners were visiting and when Lorenzo died.

Elspeth Gresham – spinster of unfortunate appearance and dogged intellect. Veronica finds out that Elspeth had discovered the fossil in the cliff before Lorenzo but Lord Rosemorran (Stoker’s father) roped off the area and forbade her from digging but let Lorenzo think it was his discovery and would have let him dig it up. Stella – Lorenzo’s much younger sister, rumor was that she died a few years after him

Nanny MacQueen – upset that Stoker had not written or visited her for years. Has a brief conversation with Veronica and says that Veronica is not suitable for Stoker and that she would not survive childbirth.

Lily – maid at Cherboys that will be taking care of Veronica, and when Veronica is nice to her she spills all sorts of secrets about the maids and other staff.

Julien d’Orlande – came to Cherboys for the gathering, chef, good friend to Veronica and Stoker. Stoker agrees to help find Beatrice’s killer to make sure that Julien is not blamed nor his reputation ruined.

J.J. Butterworth – freelance journalist, often hides as Julien’s staff to help get a story, tricks Veronica into telling her about the threats to Tiberius and agreeing to a partnership to work together. Is upset that Veronica shows how much she does not trust J.J. during the investigation.

Beatrice – appears to be a love match with Pietro, has a heart condition that will not let her live a long life so she convinced Pietro to tour Europe as their honeymoon. She has the money, not Pietro, but he has the title and while it is a marriage with benefits to both, they do care about each other. Died at the dinner when Tiberius said he knows one of the guests killed Lorenzo and the other two members of the group of friends. Stoker knows she was poisoned and tell Tiberius (who hides this fact to save Julien). Veronica figures out her true identity when she sees the book Beatrice has.

Lady Augusta MacIver – married to James, has 4 boys who had just been sent off to school the day the reunion started. Becomes friendly toward Veronica while she remembers what it was like at Cherboys the last time she was there. Is happily content with the life she has. It was an arranged marriage and the last time she had been to Cherboys was the first time she had met her fiancé, even though they were already engaged.

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