Finale: A Caraval Novel by Stephanie Garber

Legend and The Fallen Star are battling for control of the empire. Donatella and Scarlett are shocked by unexpected news and a devastating loss. Julian and Jacks fight for the girls they want. Fates are springing up around every corner, and magic is seen and tasted in the air.

Caraval has ended, and Legend is trying to claim the throne before all the Fates wake. The Fallen Star wakes and his action leave devastation for Tella and Scarlett. Legend, Julian, Tella, Scarlett, and Jacks are an odd group to work together to protect the empire, but that is what ends up happening once the Fates wake up.  The magical world comes to a conclusion that leaves you with closure, yet longing for more.


Character List/Book Summary:

Legend/Dante = convinced Valenda he was the lost heir, visits Tella in her dreams while waiting to be crowned Emperor, owes the Temple of Stars Esmerelda, tries to save the empire from the Fallen Star

Donatella = freed from the Deck of Destiny by Legend, saw her mother killed by Gavriel, Jacks makes deals with her about her emotional states, goes to the Vanished Market and makes a deal with the sisters about a future child she will have

Scarlett = Tell’s older sister, creates a game between Nicholas and Julian to win her hand, but knows she loves Julian, sees people feelings as colors as strings off their body. Meets her father and realizes she has to be the one who can bring down the Fallen Star.

Paloma/Paradise Lost = Tella and Scarlett’s mother, in an enchanted slumber until she wakes. Tries to kill Gavriel, but fails. Kept more secrets from her daughters and they found out about several after she was killed.

Jacks/Prince of Hearts = helped Tella understand the 32 Fates, keeps Tetlla quiet when her mother dies, Tella is immune to his fatal kiss, he is obsessed with Tella, makes a deal with Legend to get his full power back, tricks Tella into a connection, breaking the connection, and then having her ask him to control her emotions.

Nicolas = Scarlett’s fiance, lives in a country estate, is killed by the Fallen Star when he is hunting down Scarlett

Esmeralda = imprisoned the Fates in the Deck of Destiny, with who gave Legend his powers.

Fallen Star = created the Fates, if he is killed the Fates become ageless (not immortal) and can die

Julian = Legend’s brother, loves Scarlett (got a tattoo to represent her), helps Tella and warns her about his brother. Tells Legend to not hurt Tella because it would not be fair to her.

Poisoner = left a note Scarlett and Julian found, turns humans into stone, has a crush on Scarlett

Gavriel = Paloma trapped him in the Deck of Destiny, Paloma stabs him once she wakes and when he wakes, but was not able to kill him.

Jovan = one of Legend’s performers, high ranking guard as Dante is becoming king

Mistress Luck = tells Tella about immortals/Fates weakness (true love) and that it makes them human, and if they love too long they become human

Anissa/Lady Prisoner = cannot tell a lie, sitting on a swing in a cage, cannot be freed until the Fallen Star is killed

Millicent = one of the twin sisters Tella makes a deal with, they tell her the Fallen Star’s secret and how to defeat him, but she will have to tell them her daughter’s weakness by her 17th birthday

Assassin = face is hidden by his heavy hood, helps Scarlett and Tella with their plot to destroy the Fallen Star

Maiden Death = head covered by a pearl cage, wants to help Legend take down the Fallen Star, he declines but she comes back to Tella in a dream and makes the offer again

Fated Princess = finds Legend and Tella at the ruins of the Cursed Wife and kills Legend

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