The Power of One

The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

I was given this book by a person close to me and was asked to read this, because the book had means so much to him. As I read the story and wondered if it was autobiographical. The experiences that young Peekay has broke my heart. While Peekay learns how to overcome many challenges he learns that determination and the right mind set will allow a person to achieve anything they want. Peekay learns that it is not just the mindset that allows a person to succeed in tough times, but the work ethic behind it and the determination to keep going.  For every challenge that Peekay faces he realizes that he has to change his approach to overcome. The book was really a great read.

Peekay makes friends at each stage in his life that help him grow, and learn more about the world. Starting with his Nanny and then a chicken the friendships vary and throughout the book. Sometimes it is a brief encounter that changes Peekay’s course in life, other times it is a years long friendship. It is interesting to sit back and realize how each friendship or person impacts Peekay’s life and how there are similarities in your own life. Doc was the wise, father/teacher figure that guided Peekay through so many milestones in life. Others came in and touched Peekay’s life, some stayed years, but Doc was the one that impacted Peekay’s life in a way no other person did. Morrie helped Peekay understand the business aspect and a different view of the world than Doc and the boxing squad provide.

Peekay’s independence is so ingrained in him for such a young age, that when he starts realizing that he is captive to the expectations of those around him he leaves. Peekay is wants to be independent so badly that when other place him in leadership roles or point out he is a leader he rejects the idea and notions. I think the independence that Peekay craved so badly was a double edge sword, it did not allow him to let people into his life fully and kept him as a standout in the groups he was in.  Peekay’s determination helped him have amazing experiences and some people shared them with him, but the book left me sad for there was something missing in Peekay’s life that even as the book ended I am not sure he realized he was missing.


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