Dial A for Aunties

Dial A For Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto

If one is hoping for a Dial M for Murder type spin off, this is not the book for you. If you are hoping for a funny, crazy, and fighting with love family read that just happens to involve a murder than this is the perfect book for you. These wild and crazy aunts help their niece, Meddelin, who after being set up on a blind date accidentally kills the man she was on a date with when he tries to attack her. A comedy of error ensues with the dead body being dragged around a hotel resort to be hidden in various places because a wedding, that of course the family business is involved in, is probably the best way to disclose a dead body.  Meddy learns as crazy as her family is, and as much as she wants out of the family business, her family loves her and will do anything to help. This book isn’t so much a murder mystery, in the typical who done it way, but is a murder mystery in how will they get rid of the body without implicating themselves? Such a funny read.

Character List/Book Summary: (some information is left out so that that book wont be ruined)

Meddelin “Meddy” Chan – got accepted to Columbia, but went to UCLA instead because there was family pressure to not leave California. Was drafted into the family business as a photographer, but has wanted to leave because she does not enjoy wedding photography. Dumped Nathan when he got a job in NYC because she couldn’t move and didn’t want him to stay in California for her. Has missed him for 4 years. Her family never knew about him, because Meddy was afraid they would reject him.

Ma – the florist of the wedding planning business. Creates a profile of Meddy on a dating site and chats with a guy pretending to be her and sets Meddy up on date. As Meddy’s mom she cares deeply for her daughter and doesn’t think twice about helping hide the body.

Big Aunt – the baker of the wedding planning business. Often the one in charge, but squabbles with her sisters. Helps create a plan to hide the body in one of the cake coolers so they can dispose of the body after the wedding.

Second Aunt – does hair and make up for the wedding planning business. Helps move the body around the resort and comes up with a few ideas on what to do with the body too.

Fourth Aunt – as a previous semi-well-known singer she is the entertainment for the wedding planning business. Sees Meddy and Nathan kiss on the island. She comes up with the idea on where to hide the body that ultimately results in the body being discovered.

Jacquelin – bride that is getting married on Santa Lucia. Her best friend, Maureen, does not like her future husband. Jacquelin surprises Meddy with her willingness to help Meddy out of a sticky situation once the body was discovered and her aunts are being held hostage.

Tom Cruise Sutopo – groom, and not a nice man. Meddy is surprised someone as nice as Jacquelin is marrying someone as rude as Tom. Tom’s groomsmen are not helpful to him, and it is revealed they are all hired actors.

Nathan – Meddy’s college sweetheart, owns and runs the resort the wedding is at. Realizes what Meddy’s secret is and tries to cover for her once the body is discovered. Meddy is able to with the help of her family get Nathan out of trouble with the law and save the resort’s reputation.

Jake – the man Meddy’s ma was chatting with online, who claims to own the resort the wedding will be held at. In reality was one of ma’s flower wholesalers. Had a secret deal with Maureen, that once Meddy finds out about, starts piecing together what the deal with Maureen is and why she disapproved of Tom so much.

Maureen – Jacquelin’s maid of honor and best friend. Tries to steal some jewelry so that the wedding would be delayed and maybe Jaquelin would not marry Tom. Take Meddy’s family hostage once the dead body is discovered to get the jewelry. Meddy figures out Maureen’s real secret and is able to help Maureen so that in return Maureen can help Nathan get out of trouble.

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