Four Aunties and a Wedding

Four Aunties and A Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Continued from the previous book Dial A for Aunties Meddy is now marrying Nathan, of course things cannot go smoothly for this couple. In a twist of fate Meddy’s mother and Aunties find a destination wedding planner who is family, once Meddy and Nathan agree to hire them it seems smooth sailing, until the night before the wedding. Meddy overhears Staphanie and thinks her wedding planners are the mafia and going to carry out a hit at the wedding. Unable to tell Nathan Meddy tells her Ma and Aunties who, being their caring, wonderful, family decided to protect the target and pretend to be mafia all at the same time. The wedding happens and Nathan realizes what is going on, but Meddy refuses to tell him for fear he will be killed. In the end Nathan ends up once again helping Meddy and her family in the illegal activities of kidnapping and figuring out what is really going on with their wedding planners. The side story of what Nathan’s mother says to him after meeting Meddy’s family that results in Nathan being upset was never fully fleshed out. This is bothersome because Meddy was worried about it and feared the wedding might be called off. It seems odd to have this happen and not resolve or mention it again. Hoping that the plan to have Nathan, Meddy, and her family go on vacation together is a hint at the next book in this series, as leaving this crazy family behind forever would be heartbreaking.

Character List/Book Summary:

Meddy Chan – thinks Staphanie is in the mafia and using her wedding as a cover for an assassination. Worried that Nathan’s mother will disapprove of her family and make Nathan call off the wedding. Thinks of telling Nathan, but there was a threat to kill Nathan.

Nathan Chan – is telling Meddy everything is fine with his family, but she knows he is lying. Realizes Meddy has something going on with her Ma and Aunties, and gets upset when she lies to him that everything is fine. Helps Meddy and her family figure out what to do about the fake wedding planners once he is let in on what is going on.

Staphanie Weiting Tanuwijaya – does photos for family’s destination wedding business, tells Meddy the family is in the mafia. Plots with her family on how to get revenge for a loved one. Becomes friendly with Meddy during the time it takes to plan her wedding.

YenYen – Meddy’s wedding dress designer, hired by Nathan, flown in from Indonesia because Meddy is having trouble finding a wedding dress. He designed the perfect dress for her.

Ama – Staphanie’s grandmother, wedding organizer, hunted when she was younger.

Big Uncle Jems – does flowers for weddings

Ma (Natasya) – Meddy’s mother, makes Nathan call her Ma

Second Uncle Hendry – does hair and make up, is detained by Meddy’s aunts who using his phone find that the “Queen” is the target

Second Aunt (Enjelin) – was fond of Hendry and they had been spending time together as wedding plans were being made for Meddy and Nathan

Big Aunt (Friya) – the oldest aunt and the one in charge

Fourth Aunt (Mimi) – did not tell Ma about the matching luggage

Selena and Seb – Meddy’s friends and in her bridal party

Annie – Nathan’s mother, overwhelmed by Meddy’s family and upset that Nathan calls Meddy’s mother Ma.

Chris – Nathan’s dad, throws his back out when he practices Tai Chi

Lilian Citra – Meddy’s aunts think she is the Queen and that she is Nathan’s biggest investor

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