Summer in the Scottish Highlands

Summer in the Scottish Highlands by Donna Ashcroft

This review was delayed so that hopefully the timing of the year will encourage people to read this book once again. Paige Dougall changed her life path a few years ago, now that things have changed in her life can she go back to what she left behind and pick it back up. Maybe, the more important question is does she want to go back to her home town and find out? A great read about how your life’s path will be what it was meant to be. Paige and Johnny both must realize that the life they think they each want is not what is best for their soul, and finding their way to be happy and live a life they want. Set over a few weeks late in the summer, these characters realize how a few weeks can change their lives in so many ways. The author does a great job at bringing the reader into the lives of this small Scottish town and keeping the timeframe of all the events realistic. It was such a good read I read the book from start to finish in one day, because I could not put this book down.

Character List/Book Summary:

Paige Dougall – her husband Carl died a year ago. Sellers of the house she wants to buy are delaying, resulting in her moving in (her young daughter too) with her parents while on a two week break from work. Agrees to help set up the Book Barn, and in doing this sees the life she was means to have until she left town with her husband and changed her career.

Johnny Becker – has an unruly dog Mack and is trying not to commit to anything in life anymore. Attracted to Paige at first sight, but his heart attack from before he moved to town keeps him at arms length from many things in life. Had run a NYC restaurant, but now just heats up stuff for his brother’s inn.

Grace – Paige’s 3 year old daughter, loves Mack, and enjoys spending time with Johnny.

Davey – Johnny’s brother who would like Johnny to cook something special for a reviewer who is coming to the Apple Cross Inn. Messes up his relationship and ends up going to Paige to ask for advice.

Cora Dougall – Paige’s mother. Works at the Christmas store after retiring from teaching. Jam Club member. Helps Paige and Johnny’s blossoming romance by pushing Paige and watching Grace.

Marcus Dougall – Paige’s father. Police officer who loves to dote on his granddaughter.

Matilda Tome – helps Johnny at the pub.

Morag Dooley – works at the post office. Town gossip, helps Paige and Johnny get a famous author to appear at the Book Barn’s opening.

Meg Scott – owns the Christmas shop, wants to have Grace come in a few times.

Jason Beckett – runs a library in Morridon, a jerk who tries to show that the Book Barn is not as good as his library.

Agnes Stuart – Jam Club member, helps Johnny train Mack

Lilith Romano – dated Davey, broke up with him around New Year, through some help and guidance the two manage to get back together with a little help from Paige.


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