The Golden Couple

The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sara Peekanen

Marissa & Matthew Bishop come to Avery Chambers after their “Instagram Post” marriage is altered by Marissa’s one night stand with another man. All three of these characters have secrets and the way that Avery is linked to the mystery is surprisingly connected to one of her other clients. Avery is no longer a licensed therapist, but her methods for helping her clients in 10 session has such good results that Avery realizes it is a good thing she no longer has to follow those rules and can act as she sees fit as a “consultant.” Marissa has gotten so accustomed to her “Insta perfect” marriage that her work with Avery really does help her re-evaluate how she is acting. Matthew has his own secrets that come to light as Avery’s investigation into the Bishop’s life progresses, but it take a few slips for Avery to catch onto what exactly Matthew’s secrets are. The story is told from Marissa and Avery’s points of view, which leaves some character’s true motives harder to figure out. However, the twists at the end are well worth the read. Such a fantastic thriller/mystery that this book can be hard to put down at times.

Character List/Book Summery (not a full list and spoilers are attempted to be avoided)

Marissa Bishop – tricks her husband to attend counseling with Avery so that she can confess her affair to her husband and get help in saving her marriage. Devoted mother to Bennett, runs a shop in Washington DC. Somehow her marriage problems make her think of her best friend who was murdered as a teenager, Tina.

Matthew Bishop – lawyer, is devastated that Marissa cheated but claims he is willing to see if Avery’s method will help. Eagerly embraces Avery’s methods to try and save his marriage. Has not spent much time with his son, Bennett. Does not get along with his father.

Avery Chambers – lost her license when a spouse of one of her clients filed a complaint against her. Has made a few enemies because of her 10 session approach, one of which is a pharmaceutical company. Her husband died, but she remains close to her step-daughter. Enjoys running and adopts a dog during the course of her treatment with the Bishops.

Skip – Avery dated him, but it did not click. He is linked to the Bishops as he is friends with Marissa and Matthew since high school. Avery runs into him again after adopting Romeo, and starts to suspect Skip is somehow responsible for the threats that she is receiving.

Polly – Marissa’s assistant at her shop. Marissa realizes that she is too entangled in her life and too intrusive. Marissa wants to fire her, but Matthew convinces her to keep Polly until a replacement has been hired, because of the threats Marissa is receiving.

Natalie – realtor, her daughter goes to the same school as Bennett. Has a crush on Matthew, and likes to gloat or rub in Marissa’s face how she knows something about Matthew or his business that Marissa does not know. Avery warns Marissa and Matthew that Natalie is entangled in their marriage and should not be.

Chris Bishop – Matthew’s father, does not approve of his son but does like his friend Skip. Chris knows some of Matthew’s secrets and keeps them. He is a “lobbyist” and a fixer for many powerful players in Washington DC.


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