The Christie Affair

The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont

I bought this book, but then downloaded it when I had a road trip. I am so glad I did the audio book. The narrator did a wonderful job drawing the listener in. The pacing might be slow in the book, however listening the pacing is appropriate and the narrator is able to keep the listener engaged when the “adventure” is slowly paced.  The disappearance of Agatha Christie is a great mystery and this book takes a look at what happened from the eyes of Agatha’s husband’s mistress, Nan. While this may not be what really happened, this might be the best story of what happened to Agatha when she disappeared that December.  A great theory and fabulous book.

Partial List of Characters/Book Summary:

Nan O’Day – Archie’s mistress, friend to Agatha, former lover of Finbar. Does not love Archie, but destroys his marriage to Agatha for a reason. Keeps Agatha’s secrets because no one has asked her. Nan’s secrets are part of the other mysteries (not going to reveal a full character list to prevent spoilers).

Agatha Christie – author, disappeared after Archie said he was divorcing her. Keeps Nan’s secret. Agrees to try and help Finbarr. Asks Chilton to give her a few days and almost runs away with him.

Archie Christie – Agatha’s husband, has been having an affair with Nan and leaves Agatha.

Finbarr – Nan’s love and who she wanted to marry before the War and Spanish Flu. Tries to win her back and asks Agatha for help.

Chilton – lost use of his arm, but not his arm, in the war. Retired from the police, asked to come back to search for Agatha. Finds her and for an unknown reason agrees to let her stay “hidden” for a few days as long as she does not leave her location. They start to fall in love and almost run away together.

Bess – knows Nan from their past in the orphanage, moved to America with her solider. Was repeatedly raped by Father Joseph and Sister Mary Clare knew. Bess and Nan formed a friendship and agreed to keep in touch after they leave.

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