Just Tyrus

Just Tyrus: A Memoir by Tyrus

Tyrus is an interesting individual, and his autobiography is such a fantastic read that it was hard to put it down. The biggest concept that is conveyed is that the individual’s mentality on how to recover from devastation, bad luck, and just hard knocks. Tyrus shows how his life has been shaped by his decisions and mentality. His decisions have included some mistakes, which is nice to see that he is not bragging and showing how he only does the great things. Tyrus explains through his experiences how he has grown, and continues to grows, which is inspirational and real. The best parts of the book are that Tyrus owns up to being a human who is not perfect and sometimes his mistakes have cost him opportunities. Tyrus also realizes that his actions and reactions to situations are what determine his situations in life. The person you read about is a human with flaws and does not hide them, but also tries to learn from them and continue to try and do better for himself and his family as well as try to just be a better person in general (and who cannot related to that).

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