The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This book is hard to define, and the main characters is not always likeable. The books is interesting to read, but the title is deceptive as the husbands are not the true subjects of Evelyn’s story and her motives, once known, are not the nicest. Waiting a few days did not help in being able to better define the type of book, other than fake biography (but could have been real), and a good read. Not always enjoyable, but a good read and one that would be recommended.

Character List/Book Summary:

Evelyn Hugo – famous actress that has been married 7 times, does not give interviews, then contacts a magazine and specifically requests Monique comes to her penthouse and interviews her. All of her ex-husbands have passed away and offers to tell Monique her life story instead of just talk about the dresses she is auctioning off for breast cancer research.

Elizabeth Monique Grant – bi-racial reporter/author. Dad, James, was a still photographer in LA. She is 35 years old and agrees to write Evelyn’s biography, thinks Evelyn has hidden her true reason for picking her and it is not the piece on right to die as Evelyn claims.

Harry Cameron – 5th husband, died in car accident. Tells Evelyn he does not like women when she marries her 2nd husband. The two of them get married to take suspicions off of each other and to help their careers. Evelyn and Harry have a daughter together and spend much of their double date times with Celia St. James and John Braverman. After John dies Harry finds love with a black man in LA.

Connor Cameron – Evelyn and Harry’s daughter, passed away from breast cancer at age 41.

Robert Jamison -7th husband, Celia’s brother, financier who taught Connor chess and financial dealings.

Celia St. James – offers friendship to Evelyn during a movie. A lesbian who had to hide her true self because of the business she was in and the time of history she worked in.

Frankie Troupe – Monique’s boss

Don Adler – 2dn husband, rumored he beat Evelyn. Hollywood studio set Evelyn and Don up, hits her 6 weeks into their marriage. Has Evelyn blacklisted when he divorces her.

Mick Riva -3rd husband, musician. A Vegas elopement to throw suspicion off Evelyn spending too much time with Celia. Annulled the marriage after 1 night.

Rex North 4th husband, marriage to help movie sales. The marriage ended when both had affairs, they never slept together. Divorce helped movies sales and their careers.

Jack Easton – congressman rumored affair with Evelyn was set up by Celia to help Evelyn keep Connor and ease the rumors about one of her divorces.

Max Girard – 6th husband, director. Evelyn’s affair with Easton helped end the marriage. Max wanted the image of Evelyn on the screen, not the real her. Harry gives Evelyn permission to divorce him to marry Max thinking she might have found love. Max threatens to reveal Celia and Evelyn’s relationship when Evelyn divorces him.

Ernie Diaz – 1st husband. Evelyn used him to get out of Hell’s Kitchen. The studio wanted her to divorce him, they paid him off and she wrote him and nice divorce letter.

John Braverman – Harry’s lover, Celia’s husband. Dies of a heart attack.


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