The Secret Bridesmaid

The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall

I read this book over the summer but held this post until December, because if I had known the timing of the book it would have been a better book to read in December. Sophie is a professional bridesmaid, and unofficial wedding planner/helper. When a wedding of great importance is happening, Sophie is asked to be of help which leads to friendship, love, and of course chaos. For those that love Hallmark movies, this is a great book to read. You know there will be a happy ending and getting there is the fun of reading. What makes this book perfect for a December reading list is the timing of the wedding and when everything goes sideways before getting fixed for the happy ending.

Character List/Book Summary:

Sophie Breeze – Professional bridesmaid, loves weddings, getting over heartbreak when she discovered this side business which turned into her full time job. For Cordelia’s wedding she goes by the name Emily Taylor. Starts to have feelings for Thomas, and wants Cordelia to like her.

Lady Victoria Swann – wants Sophie to take care of her daughter’s wedding in 8 months, does not even tell her husband that Sophie is hired to be Emily.

Cordelia – VIctoria’s daughter, makes insane requests to try and get Sophie to quit, moves her wedding up to out do Annabel her former friend. Confides in Sophie, who doesn’t betray her, but regrets it. Comes to realize Sophie was truthful and protected her when Cordelia was mean to her and shut her out.

Cara – Sophie’s cousin who suggested to Sophie that she be a professional bridesmaid

Daniel – broke up with Sophie, invites her to his wedding

Jonathan Farlow – Cordelia’s fiancé, asks Emily for help getting Cordelia a wedding gift, which turns out to be the perfect gift

Thomas “Viscount Dashwell” – Cordelia’s brother, starts to fall for Emily, is unsure what to think of Sophie until Cordelia puts him in his place

Lady Annabel Porthouse – Cordelia’s former best friend, is holding a secret over Cordelia until a party when she spills it out to all those who can hear. Plans her wedding for the same day as Cordelia’s after finding out she is engaged even uses the same wedding dress designer.

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