I am Alice

I am Alice (The Last Apprentice) by Joseph Delaney

Alice makes her journey through the Dark to retrieve the blade that will kill her. Befriended and betrayed by Thorne she is helped to achieve her mission, but makes a deal with Pan that might change everything. Alice struggled with her past and what her future holds, but managed to survive and is ready to sacrifice herself. In order to pass through Pan’s realm to get the sword Alice must agree to a deal with the God Pan, which seems innocent enough, but like Slither it seems as if it will come back to haunt the group trying to destroy the Fiend at a most inconvenient time. The big shock doesn’t come from Thorne betraying or coming back to save Alice, it comes from what Grimalkin tells Alice when she returns from the Dark.

This book made me eager to read the thirteenth and final book in this series. 

Character List/Book Summary:

Alice Deane = encouraged by “the Prince” on the barge to use her magic, in the Dark to find the 3rd scared object, and comes to terms with some elements of her past and her willingness to sacrifice herself.

Grimalkin = greets Alice after she returns from the Dark and shares shocking news with her

Pan = old God, Alice enters his dark place to find the 3rd sacred object, knows about the Blade of Sorrow. Agrees to let Alice use his realm to get the dagger and leave the Dark, but a deal will need to be struck. Alice agrees without knowing the terms and then agreed to come back to him whenever he calls her. 

Kretch = a creature created by witches to hunk Grimalkin, hunts Alice and Thorne in the Dark.

Thorne = assassin that Grimalkin trained, killed by her enemy and had her thumbs taken from her, meets Alice in the Dark and guides her through the different realms, betrays her to Betsy but comes back to help her

Tanaki = the Kretch’s father, hunts Thorne and Alice in the Dark

Betsy Gammon = enemy of Alice, a water witch with no power of her own. Lizzie tricks her and her coven into helping her with the leather egg they took from a Spook, Alice kills her and saves the children her coven captured

Jacob Stone = Spook that Bony Lizzie used bone magic on to get answers from after he died to try and understand the leather egg

Emily Jenks = Lizzie captured her and hurt her mother for the ritual with the water witches. Alice helped rescue her and heal her mother

Agnes Sowerbutts = took care of Alice until Lizzie claimed her, tells Alice about power and using it will turn her dark

Rakind = Boggart elevated to demon, spends time in the Dark and is summoned to test Alice and 2 other girls, realizes her strength and that she could be the one to hurt their kind. Protecting the Blade of Sorrow

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