The Little Bookshop on the Seine

The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin

This is not my typical reading material, however when I picked up the book in the story something would not let me put this down. The author explained this feeling on pages 15-16 “Books were fussy when it came to their owners, and gave off a type of sound, an almost imperceptible whirr, when the right person was near. Most people weren’t aware that books chose us, at the time when we needed them most.” How very true this is for this particular book. This book mirrored what I was feeling about the relationship I am in, and while I don’t know if I get the same ending that Sarah has I was able to relate to Sarah more while reading this book than I would at any other point in my life. This book picked me when I needed it, when I wanted hope, and someone who I could relate to.

The character list that I typically give will not be done for two reasons. First, The book was calling me not to write down clues or hints because I knew I would not need to remember characters for another book or trying and guess the murderer using my notes. Second, and maybe the book was telling me this, each character has a mystery that is for the reader to find out and knowing anything ahead of time might ruin it for the reader.

Sarah swaps bookstores with her penpal in Paris in an attempt to have an adventure. Feeling like a fish out of water and that she might be in over her head Sarah “reinvents” herself to take charge, explore Paris, and find friends each with a secret history. I cannot think of a main character who does not have a secret they are keeping from the Sarah, and the staff at the bookstore. Hints of this are constantly being given as Sarah keeps pointing out Paris is the city to reinvent yourself and the city of lost souls.

I am not saying this is a perfect story, but if you are questioning a relationship or thinking of reinventing your story this is a good book to read.

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