Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker

Like many  readers there is something about Dracula that captivated me when I first read it, after reading this book I must admit I am very tempted to dig out my original Dracula book and read it again. Do not be fooled this is not the prequel to Dracula you think you would like, no this is a prequel you will love. This is the story of Bram Stoker and what happens in his life that makes his desire to kill Dracula so consuming. This is the story of how Bram grew up, how Bram fist met Dracula, and why he hates Dracula with such a passion.

A love story, but not a romantic love for Bram and Ellen is what the reader will discover. This book is making me think how different Dracula could be from the teenage version I remember, maybe this is why I am not reaching for the book to start re-reading it? I did not read this book when it first came out, and I admit it sat on my to be read pile longer than I might be willing to admit. However, now that I have read it I feel the need to tell every Dracula fan out there, every vampire story loving fan, and anyone who like a good thrill to read this.  Starting out jumping back and forth from the past to present day and meeting in the climax of the story the weaving of fright guides you through to the dark night in the tower.

Such a great read that you realized even the character descriptions and plot are so intertwined that could be standing next to characters and might miss something.


Character List/Book Summary:

Bram Stoker = narrator for majority of the book, sick for the first 7 years of his life, is cured by Nanna Ellen, but does not remember how. Realizes that whatever Ellen did has resulted in his current capabilities. Unsure how long he will survive, but know he has a mission to rescue Ellen. Meets Dracula in a manner that leads to a lifetime hatred and desire to kill Dracula.

Ellen Crone = what Bram and his family know her as, but she has had several different names. Saved Bram when he was born. Her eyes turn grey before she leaves and when she looks old. Her eyes are bright blue when she is healthy and young. Hard to picture her and get it accurate, but Bram and Matilda know her when they see her.

Abraahm = Bram’s father, does not want Bram to go into the theater business

Matilda = Bram’s sister, a year older, great artists, she cannot paint or draw Ellen. Becomes the driving force behind the group’s push to find Ellen and Dracula.

Thornley = Bram’s older brother, 2 years older, marries Emily who goes crazy, doctor at Swift’s Hospital for Lunatics. Travels with the group to try and save his wife. Member of the Hellfire Club.

Edward Alexander Stoker = Bram’s uncle and who is created for saving Bram

Countess Dolingen von Gratz = her golden brush and mirror are in Patrick O’Cuiv’s casket, she is rumored to have killed herself and come back from the dead to killer her wicked husband and drunk father who sold her to a rich evil man instead of letting her marry the man she loved.

Patrick O’Cuiv = papers say he killed his boss, wife, and all but one of his children when Bram was young. Reappears on a ship 16 years later and drowns when he jumps overboard. Bram, Matilda, and Thornley visit him in the morgue.

Arminius Vambery = Hungarian Professor, member of the Hellfire Club, knows about the undead/cursed. Wants to read the world of vampires and helps the group with part of their mission.

Oliver Stewart = empath who tries to help the group, but refuses and leaves after a terrible accident the first night he meets them.

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