Wicked Hour

Wicked Hour: Heirs of Chicagoland By Chloe Neill

The tension between Elias and Connor is nothing compared to how a reader will feel having to wait who knows how long for book three in this series. Having loved the Chicagoland Vampires series, I will openly admit I am biased going into this book. However, the characters and drama that made me love the originals just keeps getting better in this book and series.  Connor asks Elias to join him on a visit to one of the clans for an initiation of a relative, and for an outsider’s perspective on rumblings that have been heard by the Apex.

Connor and Elias grow closer as they try and solve multiple mysteries and adjust to how their relationship is developing. Elias realizes this is Connor seeing how the pack will respond to her as Connor’s partner and how the pack operates in general. Connor is protective of Elias, but trusts her ability to handle herself at the same time is interesting.

The joy of this book is watching Connor and Elias come into their own while also forming a partnership and relationship with each other.  The ending leaves the reader eager to find out about their next adventure.

Characters/Books Summary:

Elias Sullivan = born a vampire, father is Master of Cadogan House in Chicago, is currently an OMB staffer, realizes she likes solving mysteries and being out in the field more than she likes filing paperwork in an office. Best friend Lulu, and boyfriend is Connor. Throughout the book Elias deals with the “monster” inside of her while trying to figure out the broken magic that is at the resort and what is happening to the clan.

Connor Keene = shifter (wolf), will be Apex one day, father is head of the North American Central Pack. Texted Elias while he was gone, asks her to join him on a trip to visit one of the clan’s in the pack. Protective of Elias, but trusts her too. Is forced to stay at the resort while trying to figure out who killed a pack member and what is wrong with the clan. Starts to show that he will be the Apex, and calls in backup when he realizes that he and Elias need more eyes and brains to help solve what they can start piecing together but do not have a full grasp of.

Lulu Bell = artist, decided not to use her magic, new roommate of Elias, creates a mural for the pack at their bar. Comes to help Elias and Connor when they are forced to stay at the resort until the problem is solved. Tosses the idea of Elias becoming an independent investigator out towards the end of the book.

Alexei Breckenridge = shifter (panther), Connor considers him loyal, and he proves himself loyal to both Connor and Elias in this book. Might like Lulu, is definitely confused by her. Takes some time to open up and be himself to Elias, and hopefully his humor and candy addiction will be in future books.

Miranda = shifter, has feelings for Connor and eyes on the crown, thinks power and authority are all that matter, convinces Cash to force Connor to stay at the resort.  Elias stands up to her, and Miranda backs down but threatens her.

Fallon = Conno’s aunt that is leading the pack to Alaska instead of Connor

Ronan = leader of the coven near Grand Bay, comes to offer sympathy at Loren’s death, tall, broad shoulders, blames Elias for what happened to Carlie, tries to use magic on Elias

Georgia McAllister = Connor’s great aunt (mom’s side), clan elder, content with the way things are, but realizes things may need to change too. Helps Connor, is accepting of Elias (even when she realizes that Elias has something inside of her) and offer motherly advice to the two of them. Connor places her in charge when he realizes what the problems are and that the other elders have been ignoring them.

Marian Decker = shifter, one of Georgia’s kids, likes Elias and likes her for Connor. Comes to help protect Elias after someone tries to remove the shutters Connor had added to the cabin to protect her.

Paisley = sifter who died a few weeks prior in a hit and run, last seen with Loren, dating Traeger

Loren = clan elder, found mutilated near the initiation, people start to tell Connor and Elias how he was forceful with women at the resort and when they complained to Cash nothing was done

Beth = shifter who was attacked while getting wood, her attack makes Elias realize the hybrid who is attacking pack members is more than one person.

Everett = shifter (coyote), clan elder, objects to Elias being on the resort but does not fight Connor when challenged.  Has been happy with the way things are, and doesn’t allow the next generation to change things.

Patch = clan elder and spiritual leader

Ken Paulson = human sheriff, who the clan pays off to ignore them and let them handle problems on their own.

Petra = aeromancer, OMB member helps Elias and Connor with trying to understand the broken magic they sense and strange hybrid they encounter.

Carlie Stone = smells like doughnuts, is a friend to the clan, is turned into a vampire (by Elias) after attacked by the hybrids. Decides to stay in Grand Lakes after Ronan helps her through the transition.

Traeger = 19 years old, shifter, thinks Loren is not part of the pack because he was not a wolf and hints he was involved in Paisley’s death. Connor and Elias both suspect he was involved in Loren’s murder. Parents died several years ago and Georgia helped raise him, tells Connor about Zane and why his friends left him out of the magic.

Dante Jones = Paisley’s older brother, electrician, tells Elias that his sister was dating Traeger.

Zane Williams = young member of the clan who does not like how the elders have been running things. Goes to a local witch to try and get magic to help him seek justice.

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