The Secret Chapter

The Secret Chapter(Invisible Library) by Genevieve Cogman

Irene and Kai are off another daring adventure, this time in their official capacities as representatives of The Library and Dragons who signed the treaty. What makes this book so amazing is the characters keep growing (as does this amazing alternative world) and characters from previous adventures do make their way back to Irene and Kai.

While trying to retrieve a certain manuscript Irene and Kai must help steal a painting protected by a dragon for a Fae kingpin. The mysteries keep being uncovered and Irene is placed in a precarious position at the end. The missing chapter does not hint at the history of the librarians, but contains knowledge that could be just as dangerous. I was sad that hints of Irene’s true lineage was nothing more than a strand in the wind in this book, as I truly think she is Albrich’s daughter (and why she can survive so much).

In the end, Irene and Kai are left with an entirely new problem of a apprentice for Irene. Leaving me eagerly awaiting the next installment of this series.

Character List/Book Summary:

Irene = Librarian, representative of the tripartite, starts to piece together what might be behind the scenes of the heist and comes up with a back up plan.

Kai = Dragon, representative of the tripartite, Ao Guang’s son, protective of Irene, controls water. Believes the history of his ancestors, and is puzzled as to what the nature of the painting has to reveal.

Mr. Nemo = Fae, billionaire, collector, plays the “fixer” has not acknowledged the treaty at the start of the book, lives on a private Caribbean island in the 1980’s, creates a team of “experts” to steal a painting that he wants.

Coppelia = senior librarian, warns Irene not to make open ended deals with Mr. Nemo. Sends Evariste to warn Irene when the heist starts going sideways.

Lord Silver = Fae – Libertine, Liechtenstein’s ambassador in Irene’s London, runs the biggest spy network in London, on the selection committee for who the Fae representative will be.

Mu Dan = Dragon, judge investigator, spending time in the alternative world that Irene and Kai are based out of.

Sterrington = Fae, right hand of the Cardinal, has a cybernotic hand, warns Irene on an attack on Kai

Cardinal = Fae, not on good terms with Lord Silver

Raziel = Irene’s adoptive mother’s name, has a touchy relationship with Irene. Spies on her daughter, and is proud of her at the same time.

Liu Xiang = Irene’s adoptive father’s name, helps Irene translate an Egyptian text that could have dangerous consequences.

Ernst = guest of Mr. Nemo, too obvious as muscle, but plays that part in the heist.

Indigo = dragon “guest” of Mr. Nemo, technology expert, sister to Kai (Princess Qing Qing), tries to convince Irene to join her cause. When that does not work she threatens and attacks Irene and Kai

Jerome = guest of Mr. Nemo, gambler, Fae, plays against Hao Chen, loves the gamble and the risk.

Felix = guest of Mr. Nemo, does not trust Irene

Tina = works for Mr. Nemo, transportation is her specialty.

Hao Chen = dragon in the world of the hiest, lower branch of Winter Forest Family, into betting and gambling, runs CENSOR

Shu Fang = Hao Chen’s sister, her element is wind

Lady Ciu = dragon, Hao Chen’s aunt, had been a master duelist, nearly blind in a fight that she lost (losing her place in the family as well), guarding the world or the painting.

Evariste = Librarian who shows up at the gang’s cover with news and information from The Library.


Worlds mentioned:

Gamma 017 = Irene went to school there, and if The Library does not get the book/scroll it will turn to chaos

Alpha 92 = 1980’s world that Mr. Nemo resides in

A-327 = world of the heist, no supernatural or magic present according to The Library

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