Wizard For Hire

Wizard For Hire by Obert Skye

I originally got this book and started reading it with the goal of finishing before St. Patrick’s Day, however once I started reading I forced my self to slow down so that I could get book 2 and preorder book 3 without too much of a gap between each book.  Starting off sad, and there are some sad moments in the series, the book also has hope and moments to make you laugh.  Ozzy’s parents are kidnapped and he is left alone when he is 7 years old, through nothing short of magic Ozzy survives on his own. With the help of a solar powered bird, Clark, as his only companion Ozzy starts to venture out from his house hidden deep within the Oregon woods. As Ozzy and Clark start to venture out of their comfort zone Ozzy stumbles into town and finds an ad for a Wizard. While attempting to figure out life outside of his cabin Ozzy “enrolls” in high school and manages to be noticed for his odd clothing choices, but remain mostly unnoticed. A chance encounter with Sigi, leads to a friendship of sorts. When Ozzy gets in trouble at school he calls the Wizard “Rin” for help. Rin helps Ozzy find out what happened to his parents and go on the adventure of a lifetime (at least until book 2).

For those that need tons of details to be engulfed in reading, this is not the book for you. The details are there, but just enough to get your imagination going and let the reader imagine more details and see the world through their eyes.  The book could end here, but thankfully it is a trilogy and the adventures of Ozzy, Clark, Rin, and Sigi will continue.  The book is full of emotions that will make you feel happy, sad, angry, hopeful, and a bunch of emotions in-between. Overall, this is a fun read that the young and young at heart will enjoy reading.

Character List/Book Summary:

Ozzy = 14 years old, his parents were kidnapped when he was 7 and he lived alone in a cabin in the woods since. Has a purple birthmark on the tip of his finger. Afraid to leave the cabin in case his parents come back, but ventures off with the help of Clark. First he goes to the ocean, then into town, eventually into school, and with the help of Rin he leaves the state.

Labryrinth “Rin” = claims to be a wizard, eats at Bites every Thursday at 4pm, realizes it is Ozzy’s parents who went missing, tries to teach Ozzy about the “real world” while questing to find out what happened to Ozzy’s parents. Real name is Brian. Claims magic is real and Ozzy is unsure of what to believe. Magical things might happen when Rin is involved, and he disappears at suspicious times.

Dr. Emmitt Toffy = Ozzy’s dad, neuroscientists and inventor, created Clark, invented a serum that could control thoughts.

Dr. Mia Toffy = Ozzy’s mom, theoretical psychologist, on the orange tape state that if the tape is foudn to contact Charles.

Eric = helped “blackbeard” kidnap the Toffys and ransack the house, works for Harken Corp., reports to Charles, recognizes Ozzy 7 years later.

Clark = robotic bird found by Ozzy, was hidden under a stair in a secret compartment, encourages Ozzy to leave the cabin, loves things metal and bird related, attacks Ed in retaliation for breaking into the cabin. Sentient being.

Sigi = meets Ozzy and Clark on the beach, talks to Ozzy in school, helps Ozzy escape from the principal goes on a question with Rin and Ozzy. Is Rin’s daughter.

Charles Plankdorf = project at Harken Corp. is not going well, Emmitt’s half brother, wants the project Emmitt was working on. Sends his men after Ozzy when Ozzy and Rin come to him for help. Hints that he has known Mia for years but says that he only knew her the year before she and Emmitt disappeared. Possibly meets an unfortunate end.

Sheriff Wills = Ozzy doesn’t trust him and runs from the police after asking about his aunt and uncle going missing 7 years ago.

Ray Dungee = closes down Charles’s project.

Timsby Lane = Emmitt had a tape on the time Timsby jumped into a bear exhibit at the zoo, lawyer in NYC that is now in Portland. Friends with Emmitt in NYC and tells Ozzy about his uncle Charles.

Ed = owned a moving company that Rin “cursed” our of business, helped move Ozzy’s parents’ into the cabin. Tells Ozzy that Mr. & Mrs. Toffy bought hundreds of acres around the cabin and paid cash for him not to talk about the cabin. Ransacks Ozzy’s house after he talks to Ozzy and Rin.

Ann = Rin’s sister

Patti = Rin’s ex-wife and Sigi’s mom.

Randall Mortley = Rin’s father, offers Rin, Ozzy, and Sigi shelter when they are being chased by the goons Charles sends after them.



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