Apprentice Needed

Wizard for Hire: Apprentice Needed by Obert Skye

Reading this was a very nice break from reality, while still living in the mortal realm. Rin has come back in wizardly fashion to save Ozzy and Sigi from Ray during an unanticipated trip to New York City. A few short months after the first adventure, the Ozzy, Rin, Clark, and Sigi are on another adventure. Ozzy is invited to NYC thinking it is Rin Sigi and Clark join him. Once in NYC Ozzy, Sigi, and Clark discover a new threat in the form of Ray, a man who wants the mind control device Ozzy’s parents created.

Jon, hired by Ray, tracks Ozzy and Sigi resulting in an odd series of events with the Cloaked House and Ozzy’s grandfather. The climax of this book (and cliff hanger) takes place in the middle of the ocean, on a boat, and ends with Ozzy and Sigi being givne a police guard until further notice.

Character List/Book Summary:

Ozzy Toffy =15 years old, sleep walks to the ocean at night and during school. Not sure he believes in magic and wizards but cannot always explain why things happen. Living with Patti and Sigi now, since he is a minor.

Sigi = real name Sigourney, goes to NYC with Ozzy helps him with Sherriff Wills. Escapes from Jon, happy to see her dad, protects Ozzy.

Clark = saves Ozzy from drowning twice, helps distract Ray’s men to let Ozzy and Sigi escape, is afraid of water but goes on the boat with Rin, Ozzy, and Sigi

Rin = tells Ozzy that his parents are still alive and that Ozzy and Sigi should trust Wills, disappears in the middle of the ocean

Patti = Sigi’s mom who is on a business trip when this book happens

Ryan Severe = Ozzy’s lawyer, gives him an envelope, CD, photo, and numbers. His office is broken into the night before he gives Ozzy his belongings.

Jon = hired by Ray to deliver Ozzy to NYC, then kidnap Sigi, then bring Ozzy, Clark, Sigi, and Rin back to Ray. Former solider now a mercenary.

Ray = needs Ozzy to get to NYC, claims he was the money behind Emmitt and Mia’s experiments, Charles’s partner. Realizes that Ozzy has the mark.

Sheriff Wills = gets a call from NYC about Ozzy’s trip, feels uneasy about Ray and the police he talked to in NYC, wants to help Ozzy.

Alvin = Ozzy’s grandfather, Mia’s dad. Helped Emmitt and Mia buy land, though Ozzy was dead, knew what Ozzy’s parents were involved in something dangerous, realizes what is means that Ozzy is being controlled to go into the water.

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