Magic Required

Wizard for Hire: Magic Required by Oberty Skye

Ozzy learns the truth about what happened to his parents and there is still a question on if Rin has real magical power or is just crazy. Clark and Rin returns in stunning fashion. Ray is still after Ozzy and the potion inside of him, leading to a confrontation of movie size proportions. Jon is still tracking Ozzy and Sigi, but for his own reasons now. Sheriff Wills is not sure what to believe about Rin, but is trying to protect Ozzy and Sigi from Ray.

While the book answers many questions, it also leaves the reader wanting more information and asking questions. What did Rin take from that safe? and how did know the combination? If this series truly is a trilogy, the reader might be sad to leave this magical world. However, the characters you have grown to love over the last three books are all in a good place (at least for now).

Character List/Book Summary:
Ozzy Toffy = not sure if he believes in magic, gets pants with an address in the back pockets and visits the address. Is missing Clark and trying to understand how he feels about Sigi. Learns that his father died three years ago and what happened to his mom.

Sigi Owens = goes on a trip to California with her mom after running into Jon. While in California is notified that Ozzy has gone missing. Is not sure if her father really is a Wizard, but cannot explain the magical things that happen when he is around. Meets her grandmother.

Ray Dench = wants to steal everyone’s fee will, has a phobia that prevents him from leaving NYC. Threatens Rin, Clark, and Ozzy

Rin = tells Ozzy that his father died three years ago, and that his mother is alive. Confronts his mother, brings Ozzy into his home (an amusement park). Is part of the Perennial Five and goes to them for help with defeating Ray.

Clark = Rin turned him into a fire breathing dragon for a bit, but Ozzy helps him return to being a bird.  Gets kidnapped briefly by Ray’s men.

Sheriff Wills = still has his men watching Ozzy and Sigi, realizes that Ray is a threat and wants to help. Starts to put pieces together. Helps the reader put pieces together too, when he talks to Jon and Dr. Omen Doppler. Is not sure what to make of Rin.

Ty = Ray’s new head of security, does not like his job, thinks Jon and Rin are alive, tries to kidnap Ozzy.

Patti = Sigi’s mom worried Sigi is going down a bad path by hanging out with Ozzy. Worried that Sigi doesn’t know where Rin really was while he was missing from Sigi’s life.

Dr. Omen Doppler = Mia Toffy’s father, a doctor of neuroscience and molecular radiation. Tells Wills about The Bern (a lab on a sub) and a few other items that help Wills start to understand why Ray wants to kidnap Ozzy so badly.

Woody = Rin’s older brother who left Rin an amusement park when he died.

Candy = Rin’s mother, does not like or approve of Sigi, lives in Portland. Rin, Sigi, and Ozzy go to see her so that Rin can collect something from the safe in her house.


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