Away With The Fairies

Away with the Fairies (Phryne Fisher Mystery) by Kerry Greenwood

Is Phryne becoming too attached to a one of her pets? The murder in this story felt more like a distraction as Phryne missed Lin Chung and worried about his safety. Phryne’s circle of those she cares about and helps grows with each book, and provides a wonderful insight in a magical world of hope and wonder. However, this book is not one of Phryne’s typical adventures. A vengeful side of Phyrne is shown and heaven help anyone who might hurt her family, because Phryne in full anger and seeking revenge is a force not to be messed with. Phryne is asked by Jack to help solve a murder that involves a children’s author and writer at a women’s magazine, who likes to collect secrets on people. A great read, because of course the author and character are some of my favorite and may have strong implications for future books, but not a strong adventure story in this series.

Character List/Book Summary:

Phyrne Fisher = teaching the ladies of “Women’s Choice” about fashion, member of Adventuresses Club. Worried about Lin Chung, received an ear in the mail after talking to Lin’s grandmother about how neither had heard from him in a few weeks.

Dot = Phryne’s maid, helps calm Phryne down after the ear arrived in the mail. Believes in Phyrne, tells Phryne that is why she was not worried when she was kidnapped, she knew Phryne would save her she just had to wait. Offer Phryne good advice and counsels her on some ideas.

Lin Chung = out of Phryne’s pets, away in China buying silk, has not communicated to his family or Phryne in a few weeks. Ends up having been kidnapped by pirates and ransomed off.

Mercy Potter = maid where Miss Lavender stays, finds Miss Lavender dead.

Bert = drinking to find out information about Pirates, because Phryne is worried, helps create a distraction at the docks to allow Phryne to sneak onto a ship.

Cec = designated driver for helping Bert gather information, and is the get away driver for the incident at the docks

Jack Robinson = Detective Inspector, visits Phryne and asks for her help with Miss Lavender’s murder. Keeps a secret for Phryne at the end of the book.

Marcella Joan Lavender = aka Rosebud Peachblossom, author of kids books, had gone to Jack saying she was being threatened, but it was just poison pen letters from the magazine then was killed.

Mr.s Needham = Lavender’s landlady

Mr. Bell = gardener, flyer in the war who was burned, writes gardening for “Women’s Choice” antiquities dealer, did not like Miss Lavender

Helen Opie = Wendy’s mother, searched for a letter in Miss Lavender’s box, writes for the same magazine, did not take to being a mom easily, had studied medicine, but met her husband.

Miss Grigg = lived at Needleham’s for 3 years with Miss Gallagher, writes at same magazine

Miss Gallagher = Grigg’s roommate, opposite styles, works for the same magazine (cooking). Recently got advice form Lavender

Georgina Charlesworth = editor of the magazine, helps Phryne by getting the entire staff to talk about Lavender.

Laetita Prout = fought with Charlesworth on how to attract more readers, was giving bad advice to readers.


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