The 5 love languages

The 5 love languages: The secret to love that lasts by Gary Chapman

The author intended the audience to be married, however I read it while in a relationship that could lead to marriage. The interesting thing will be how I start to use the lessons learned in this book to the current relationship and future relationships. The author has several versions of this book (one for children, one for work, etc.) but this book was mentioned to me by someone who is married. The person read this, not because there is trouble in their marriage, but to help understand his wife better and make sure the relationship continues to be happy.

A small book that has really insightful lessons to those that are open to learning how to better communicate your needs to your partner and having your partner respond to your needs in a more efficient manner. The idea of a love tank needing to be refilled makes sense and each couple should figure out how to do that for their partner on a regular basis for a relationship to last.  This book gives more concrete ideas than the advice of “never stop dating your spouse” and while yes “love is a choice” this book provides ideas on how to show your partner you are making that choice to love them.

An update on how this works may or may not follow.

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