The Secret of Zoom

The Secret of Zoom by Lynn Jonell

A lighthearted read of a young adult’s book after a neighborhood kid was raving about this book and how fun it was to read. Any book that can get an almost middle school aged kid this excited, was worth spending a few hours reading to see what was so exciting. As a adult it was a silly read that was a nice break from reality and the crazy world we live in right now. Looking at it from the eyes of child I can see the allure, a sheltered 10 year old named Christina overcomes fears and breaks the rules to save orphans and defeat an evil want to be scientist. An overall cute read for an adult, and a fun story for young readers. This life-long reader and book lover approves and encourages any book that keeps young readers engaged and excited about reading.

Character List/Book Summary:

Christina Adnoid = does not remember her mom, is allowed outside one hour a day, has perfect pitch, realizes that fear makes Zoomstone melt, is 10 years old and her father keeps her in the house to be “safe” figures out the secret to Zoom

Peter Taft = an orphan, likes math, hides in Christina’s attach when he runs away from the orphanage, teaches Christina some math, has vague memories of his parents, is friends with Danny and does not want to leave him in the orphanage

Dr. Wilfer Adnoid = Christina’s dad, top scientist at Loompski Laboratories, physicist, questions Lenny on what is really happening in the mines and at the orphanage, tries to protect Christina. Tells Christina not to sing after hearing she has perfect pitch, records her measurements each year.

Dr. Leo Loompski = founded the lab in Dorf and built the house Christina lives in.  Is rumored to be dead and is thought to be crazy with some of the ideas that he has.

Beth Adnoid = Christina’s mom, thought to be dead after taking an interest in the orphanage, a geologist, sends messages through test tubes. Tells Taft about his parents as they were friends.

Mrs. Lisowsky = Christina’s piano teacher, tells her she has perfect pitch, plays the crazy old lady part very well

Lenny Loompski = orphans are forced to sing him songs, ran the Lab for his uncle Leo until Leo disappeared, wants to win a science medal (even though he is not a scientist). Is the over the top evil villain.

Danny = Taft’s friend at the orphanage, wants to learn but is overlooked because it takes him a couple times to remember and learn things, is good with his hands

Barney = it took him 4 tries to pass the employment test, wants to be a good boy for his dead mother, does not like how the orphans are treated

Torkel = tells Barney the secret of the orphans and how truly evil Lenny is

Dorest = helps Christina when she pretends to be an orphan in the mines to help save those trapped in the mine and the orphans working there

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