Ruby Red

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Fencing, mystery, time travel, romance, and a secret society how could this not be an enjoyable series?


Gwen = main character, has the time traveling gene, is 16 years old, can see ghosts

Grace Shepard = Gwen’s mom, maiden name Montrose

Lesley Hay = Gwen’s best friend, believes that Gwen sees ghosts, excited about Gwen being able to time travel, and helps her investigate

Cynthia Dale = classmate of Gwen, has a crush on Mr. Whitman

Charlotte Montrose = Gwen’s cousin, thought to be a time traveler, prepared her entire life to time travel and solve the mysteries

Lady Arista = Gwen and Charlotte’s grandmother

Glenda = Gwen’s aunt, Charlotte’s mother, blames Grace for Charlotte not being able to time travel

Caroline = Gwen’s younger sister

Nick = Gwen’s younger brother

Maddy = Gwen’s great Aunt, has visions (on that was mentioned in this book sapphire egg, rave, Gwen on a tower, sees a mean bird, and Lucy is involved)

Mr. Whitman = History teacher, part of the secret society, can tell because of his signet ring

Mrs. Counter = geography teacher

Gordon Gelderman = classmate of Gwen’s, voice has been cracking for the last two years, does not like Mr. Whitman

James August Peregrine Pympoole-Bothame = a ghost at Gwen’s school, agrees to help Gwen with manners and fencing lessons

Mr. Bernard = works in Gwen’s house, kind of like a butler

Gideon de Villers = family has the time traveling gene, he has it in this generation, has been time traveling for the last two years

Clairre = lived in Gwen’s house in the past

Thomas George = member of the Lodge of Count Saint-Germain, helps Gwen once it is discovered that she is the time traveler and not Charlotte

Falk de Villiers = knows Grace, had a thing with her for three weeks when they were 17, this generations Grand Master

Paul de Villiers = Falk’s brother, time traveler, stole the Chronograph with Lucy

Lucy Montrose = Grace’s niece, time traveler, stole the Chronograph with Paul

Dr. Jacob White = does not like Grace, not friendly towards Gwen, the doctor at the Lodge in the present

Madame Rossini = manages the wardrobe for Gwen and Gideon as they time travel

Count Saint-Germain = 5th of the 12 time travelers, Grand Master in the past, wanted to meet Gwen (but thought it would have been Charlotte based on what he had been told)

Miro Rakoczy = friend to the Count, has an odd smile, Black Leopard to the Annals of the Guardians

Margaret Tilney = Gwen’s great great grandmother, refuses to help Gideon complete the circle, requests that she speak to Gwen

Book Review/Book Summary:

The idea of a girl who feels like an outcast and reveals to have special powers is not new, but the way this story is told is refreshing.  Gwen is not really an outcast at school, but is ignored by her grandmother and aunt, because it is believed that Charlotte will be the time traveler.  Once Gwen travels to the past and not Charlotte the family dynamics are shuffled.  Gwen’s aunt and cousin are not nice and her grandmother looks at Gwen and realizes she exists.  The mystery of the Chronograph are hinted at, towards the end of the book.

Lesley is an amazing best friend, who is not jealous about Gwen’s new ability and in fact helps her research questions that Gwen has.  Grace warns her daughter not to trust anyone, and the very last few pages make me question if Gwen can even trust her mom.  Gideon is a mystery, sometimes nice sometimes rude to Gwen, and his motives are currently unclear.  Gwen has traveled into the past three times, before she can have the Chronograph help her control the time traveling.  The trips are eventful at certain times and give a glimpse of her future time travel in one of them.  Gideon shows some kindness with Gwen as she is unprepared for the effects of traveling through time, but is not 100% trustworthy at this point in the trilogy.

This book was a nice set up and introduction to characters and plot points.  Future events are hinted at, and the author did a great job of hinting without making sure anything is a give away.  I think that when reading book 2, Sapphire Blue, more of the hints will be given or confirmed.

Overall impression is that this is a going to be a great trilogy and will be a very enjoyable trilogy to read.

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