Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier

Character List & new information on characters from Ruby Red

Baron = Lucy and Paul see someone break the rules and kill him, utters a dire warning as he dies

Xemerius = gargoyle that talks to Gwen, created in the 11th Century by magicians and architects to protect a church that is not standing in the current time, helps Gwen and Lesley by spying on others

Robert = ghost who is always near his father in the lodge, Dr. White, afraid of Xemerius

Mr. Whitman = Gwen’s history teacher and member of the inner circle

Mr. Marley = member of the secret society, Adept in the 1st degree

Lucas Montrose = Gwen’s grandfather

Elaine Burghley = the Opal of the twelve time travelers, has not given Gideon her blood yet

Green Rider = who or what Lesley, Gwen, Lucas, Raphael, and Xemerius are trying to find out about

Mr. Giordano = coaches Gwen

Violet Purpleplum = friend of Aunt Maddy’s

Raphael Bartelin = Gideon’s younger brother, ran away from home, now goes to school with Gwen and Lesley, possibly, unknowingly offers to help Gwen and Lesley in their research

Cynthia = having a party wants Charlotte or Gwen to bring Gideon

Selina = Gideon and Raphael’s mother

Lancelot de Villiers = Count’s ancestor, a Flemish Baron

Kenneth de Villiers = catches Gwen and Lucas talking, put guards around when Lucy and Paul visited

Lavinia Rutland = widow who flirts with Gideon int he past, great singer, the Count introduces her to Gideon

Lady Brompton = gossips with Gwen at her party, in the past

Lord Alastair = supposed to meet Gwen in the past, per Count, at Lady Brompton’s soiree, part of the Florentine Alliance, attacked Paul and is trying to kill the Count

Berith = demon of lies, Grand Duke of Hell, aka Bolfri

Book Review/Book Summary:

This book has drawn me in and if it wasn’t so late at night I would start to read the third book in the trilogy right now.

Starting with the end, I think Gideon has true feelings for Gwen, but the Count has put doubt into her head because he instructed Gideon to make Gwen fall in love with him.  The Count then tells Gwen about his instructions to Gideon and if not for the prologue and Paul having a chance encounter with Gideon the reader might believe the Count.  Instead the reader now starts to question the Count and his motives.

Paul and Lucy have a small role in this book, but the few pieces they provide are great hints about some of the secrets.  In an unknown trip back to the past, thanks to help from Lucas Paul and Lucy realize someone they know breaks the rules and realize that the secret may not be for such a good cause and start researching on their own.  A mistaken alliance with the Florentine Alliance results in trouble for Paul and Lucy.

Gwen and Lesley are researching more and now have a gargoyle helping to fill in the missing pieces.  Xemerius is watching in and reporting back about what is happening with the inner circle and with Charlotte when she spends time with Gideon and Raphael.  James is helping Gwen learn how to act at parties and what ladies did at the time, and is more helpful than Giordano and Charlotte.

There are some moments that will make you smile and laugh as well as moments that will make you mad.  This author creates such a great world to dive into and the characters keep getting better as you read.

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