Ramsay in 10

Ramsay in 10 by Gordon Ramsay

While not the normal type of book reviewed here, this is a book that was read and at least one recipe has been attempted (it turned out really good) so I felt it was fair to post on here. Normally I don’t buy or collect cook books, if I want a recipe I search the web to find an easy recipe to make what I want. This book however is pretty much all easy recipes, it is just a matter of if you have the ingredients. While all of these recipes are on Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel I need to see a recipe to make it. Fair warning, which is even admitted in the first few pages of the book, the first time or two you make a recipe it will take you more than 10 minutes (not much more than 10 but more than 10). While I am by no means a great chef, I am would be happy to be considered a good cook, these recipes seem easy enough to make and taste great. One of the highlights for me was that there is a suggestions for substitutes in case you don’t like or can’t have some of the ingredients. I like this book enough to recommend this to anyone who feels they are a good cook, or their aim is to be one, this cook book is easy to follow and has simple recipes for dishes that might impress.


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