Nation of Victims

Nation of Victims by Vivek Ramaswamy

Once Vivek Ramaswamy announced he was running for President in 2024 it is natural for a reader to want to learn more about him and his ideas. This is his second book, his first will be reviewed later, and in this book he discusses how he believes that the American people can be brought closer together and how the nation can prosper. What is impressive is how Mr. Ramaswamy analyzes legal history, philosophy, and current cultural constructs. The analysis of the laws and the historical context of when the laws were enacted helps the reader understand what the laws were intended to do, what they did at the time, and how they have been interpreted and are being used now. Mr. Ramaswamy’s conservatives views are apparent in the book, however he is explains why he has these views and how he thinks they can help the country. While the book was published well before Mr. Ramaswamy declared he is running for President in 2024, it is almost as if the reader can tell he was thinking about it when reading this book. The ideas of Mr. Ramaswamy are explained on how if implemented in the federal government what he sees the consequences could be and how it could impact the majority of Americans. While not all of the ideas and views are supported by this reader, some of the ideas could be beneficial if enough people in Washington DC support and vote for these ideas. It will be interesting to see how the Republican Presidential candidates for 2024 respond to Mr. Ramaswamy and his ideas, as well as voters to see if he can be a real contender.


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