A Perfect Equation

A Perfect Equation by Elizabeth Everett

The Secret Scientists of London at Athena’s Retreat are having more trouble from men who want women to say in the kitchen and the house, while their leader (Violet) goes to recover from a miscarriage and teach at an all girl’s school in the country. Before she leaves Violet puts her step-son, Grey, and her best-friend, Letty, in charge of the retreat. Letty is still carrying the shame from six years ago when she was caught with Grey’s cousin, Nevin, and pushed out of polite society. Grey is hoping to be promoted to Director of the Department, but an unexpected challenge from Victor Armitage complicates his views towards Letty and the Retreat. Of course Grey and Letty fall in love, but it is the crazy events and arguments that make the reader keep reading until the last page.

Character List/Book Summary:

Letita “Letty” Fenley – will be Athena’s Retreat president while Violet is away. Father is wealthy from owning a store, but her same for the last 6 years keeps her sisters at the fringe of polite society. Start to develop feelings for Grey as she sees him dealing with his godfather and trying to deal with the ladies of the retreat. Is preparing for a mathematics award presentation, but she will have to go as a man, because the committee would not even open her envelope when she sent it using her name.

Viscount William Hughes “Grey” Greycliff – calls Letty short when he saves her from the Guardians who were trying to start a fight. Agrees to stay at the townhouse while Violet is away. Rates the ladies and their research on a scale of 0-10 danger based on explosiveness of their research. Is challenged by Letty to really learn about the women at the retreat before he closes the retreat as he proposes as a way to address the growing threat by the Guradians.

Earl Grantham – friend to Grey, helps him when he faints from the flu and when he tries to show Letty how much he loves her.

Margaret Gault – Engineer, widow, excited to have dinner with Letty’s family so she could eat something with flavor. Helps the retreat, as secretary, while Violet is gone and Letty (the secretary) is acting as president.

Mrs. Sweet – house staff who is trained in medicine, saves a Guardian who turns blue and almost dies while threatening the Retreat, treats Grey’s flu and reassures him that his fits have not returned

Earl Melton – Grey’s godfather, director of the Department, wants Grey to take over. Shamed Letty and said she seduced her son when he caught the two of them naked 6 years ago. When Grey tells him to make Letty accepted in society again, he agrees.

Victor Armitage – Tory, leader of the Guardians, threatens the retreat to get Grey to close it or think he would have leverage because it does not close. Collecting favors in polite society to become Director of the Department.


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