Enola Holmes: The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

Enola Holmes: The Case of the Left-Handed Lady by Nancy Springer

Enola has set up her own agency in London under the alias of Dr. Ragostin. Enola is making a life for when Dr. Watson makes a surprise visit to Dr. Ragostin’s office to see if he can help his dear friend Sherlock Holmes and mentions the Alistair case that Sherlock turned down while he is worried about what might have happened to his sister. Enola is suspicious that this might be a trap and attempts to contact her mother for help. While waiting for her mother’s response Enola decides to take a look into the case of the missing Lady Cecily Alistair. Enola figures out Lady Cecily’s secret is not what everyone thinks, that she ran away with Alexander Finch, but that she has two sides to her personality. After a few visits to Lady Theodora, Lady Cecily’s mom, and Alexander Finch, Enola thinks she knows what is going on. After a drastic confrontation Enola reveals herself to Sherlock while seeking help for Lady Cecily and then has to restart her life to keep her secret identity. Such a great book and series, the reader eagerly looks forward to the third book to find out what Enola will be up to next.

Character List/ Book Summary:

Enola Holmes – keeping a low profile in an area of London that she does not suspect Sherlock will look for her. Goes out as a mute nun to help the needy most nights, one night she is attacked after having helped a woman. Suspects that Cecily is a Marxist and that she has 2 personalities. Disguises herself as Ivy Meshle (who she portrays when Dr. Watson visits), Dr. Ragostin (who owns and runs the agency but is always out when people stop in), and Ms. Ragostin (his wife who pays a visit to Lady Theodora to gather information on delicate matters).

Sherlock – has a plan to find Enola, blames Mycroft for Enola running away, broke Enola’s code to her mother and responds but does not sign it correctly. Elona realizes this and goes to search Sherlock’s place while he is supposed to be meeting her.

Lady Cecily – suspected to she ran away with Alexander Finch the night before being introduced to court and married Finch (who is below her station). Enola finds hidden charcoal sketches of London’s poor, these sketches are very different than her water colors. Fell under the spell of a man and his Marxist preaching.

Lady Theodora – Cecily’s mom, instructed not to summon anyone to find Cecily, but accepts Mrs. Ragostin’s help since she was not summoned but appeared.

Alexander Finch – his father owns a store, wrote to Cecily (but nothing romantic). Admits he took Cecily to see the workhouses, but claims to not know where she is and is being watched by the police. Enola recognizes that the police only watch the front of the store and rooms above not the back and follows Alexander one night when he sneaks out.


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