Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess

Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer

Admittedly, the Netflix movies made this reader curious about the books. The first in the series is a fun introduction to the characters and does differ from the movies and leaves room for plenty of adventures. Enola is the younger sister to Sherlock and Mycroft who is abandoned by her mother on her 14th birthday. Enola’s older brothers have a very different experience with the mother who raised them than Enola does with how she was raised. Instead of being shipped off to boarding school, as Mycroft desires, Enola runs away in hopes to find her mother. When that does not pan out the way Enola desired she goes about setting up a life for herself in London. Sadly, the Viscount Tewksbury story line is not the same as the moves in a sad way, but this could mean great adventures for Enola in future books. As is almost always the case, the book is better than the movie. If you think otherwise in this instance, or can think of a movie that was better than the book please leave a comment.

Character List/Book Summary:

Enola Holmes – 14 year old girl, younger sister to Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, father died when she was 4 years old and her older brothers never visited her. When her mother disappears she alerts her brothers and finds that they are disappointed in her upbringing and why they never visited. Instead of being sent to boarding school by Mycroft Enola escapes, using hidden money from her mother, and makes it to Belvidere on her bicycle where she hears of Viscount Tewskbury’s disappearance. Enola briefly detours from her plans and goes to Basilweather in an effort to see if she can find the missing Viscount. After helping Tewskbury in London Enola goes about her original plan of sending a coded message to her mother and setting up her secret identity.

Sherlock Holmes – tells Lestrade not to search for his mother, but to search for his sister who could be hurt in London.

Mycroft Holmes – upset that his mother has been lying to him for the last 10 years on the accounting of the estate and has most likely stolen the money he has been sending for the house and staff.

Lady Eudoria Holmes – Enola’s mother, had her late in life, 64 years old. Was upset that the house was not hers when her husband died and that Mycroft had to give her an allowance. Left Enola’s birthday present with the butler, which Enola discovered had a secret code to help Enola find hidden money for Enola to make her escape.

Madame Laelia – spiritualist that the Viscount’s mother contacted to help locate her son. Enola discovers her true identity after she and Tewksbury escape their kidnapping on the ship.

Viscount Tewksbury of Basilweather – 12 years old, his mother suspects he was kidnapped, Enola after seeing his tree house deduces that he left to go set sail on a steamship. Sherlock is not able to come search for him as he is busy with family matters. Kidnapped on the docks in London and escapes with Enola’s help and makes it to Scotland Yard.

Lestrade – acquaintance of Sherlock and mentions Enola to Sherlock after meeting her at Basilweather. Enola tells him about the secret tree house and where the Viscount would likely be found. The Viscount presents himself to Lestrade in Scotland Yard and distracts him and Sherlock to help Enola disappear without being noticed by either.


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