Loathe to Love You

Loathe to Love You by Ali Hazelwood

Three short stories tied together by the friendship of the female lead in each story. Not as developed as the author’s other books, but cute short stories. Three friends in college enter the “real world” and find their true loves, despite their own best efforts. Mara, Sadie, and Hannah became best friends while getting their degrees and each one has their own short story on how they found love. Mara ends up finding her soulmate in an unwanted roommate situation when she inherits half a house. Sadie finds love after being stuck in an elevator and arguing with someone she thought was trying to steal her business. Hannah finds love with Mara cousin and her boss who saves her from certain death from a blizzard in Norway. Fun, light-hearted read that is good when you want a break from reality and do not want to watch a Hallmark Movie but want the feeling that a Hallmark movie gives you.

Character List/Book Summary:

Mara – moves to Washington DC to start her job at the EPA, plans on moving into the house she was half left by her advisor and friend, Helena Harding. Moves in with Liam because Helena’s house is convenient to work. After initial struggles with Liam, she sees him having a hard day and offers him food and gets him to watch reality TV with her. She realizes that she enjoys having dinner with him after work and spending time with him.

Liam Harding – owns half the house that Helena owned. Tries to buy Mara out of her half for weeks, but then stops offering. Lawyer for a big energy company. Appreciates that Mara offered him extra food after he had a rough day at work. Realizes he likes watching TV with her and having her in the house.

Sadie – an engineer in NYC, works at Green Frame. An only child who gets flustered and is socially awkward, and has some strange habits. Huge soccer fan, and talks soccer and engineering with Erik on their first date. Learns Erik is a founding member of ProBld from her boss, Gianna, after they lost a client to ProBld.

Erik Norway – started ProBld which occupies 3 floors in the same building as Green Frame. Moved to NYC from Denmark when he was 14, his younger brother left his cat with Erik 2 years ago while he traveled the world. Sadie likes Cat. Likes Sadie and tells her that when they are stuck in an elevator in their building.

Hannah – sprains her ankle in Norway and is stuck while a blizzard is about to hit. Interviewed Ian for a project while getting her PhD. Was not a good student until she got hooked on space in high school. Falls for Ian when she interviews him, but doesn’t want a relationship. Is upset that Ian denied her project funding but is happy he was in Norway to save her.

Ian Floyd – Mara’s cousin who agrees to an Informational Interview about NASA and sends Hannah sample resumes. Thinks Hannah is amazing when she helps debug a problem code during their interview and is happy she got her job at NASA. Goes to Norway to keep an eye on Hannah because Dr. Merel has a history of accidents happening when he is in charge at that research post.


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