If You Want Something Done

If You Want Something Done: Leadership Lessons from Bold Women by Nikki R. Haley

When Nikki Haley announced she was running as a 2024 Presidential candidate I wanted to learn more about her. Having read her previous book about her time as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, I thought this book would be show the women that inspired her and what type of leader she is. The women picked in this book are all inspiring in their own ways, many achieved a first of some kind. Ms. Haley starts with an introduction on how this woman was an inspiration during a certain part of Ms. Haley’s life and then provides details on how the woman highlighted was a leader, a first for women at something, and the life lesson that this woman can inspire. The book is important for anyone looking for female role models, and the political background does not matter or impact who should read this book. The women in this book are aspiring because of the challenges they faced and how they fought and overcame challenges. This is an uplifting book, in a time when we may need uplifting and inspiration in positive outcomes more than ever.


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