The House Where Nobody Lived

The House Where Nobody Lived by Brad Strickland and John Bellairs

The reader might question the timeline in the first chapter, but it is a memory of the first summer Lewis lived with his Uncle Johnathan. That first summer Lewis and Rosa Rita discovered a funny looking house in the woods and were told the strange story of how the builder and his wife died strangely by Mrs. Zimmermann. The house was forgotten about it by those two until David Keller shows up at school and Lewis and Rosa Rita discover he lives there now. Lewis and Uncle Jonathan get into the house and while they cannot find anything they do have a bad feeling about it. With some research done by Mrs. Z, Jonathan, Lewis, and Rosa Rita the four of them start to put the pieces together about what might be haunting the house, the Hawaiian goddess Pele. Lewis and Mrs. Z save the day in the most unusual of ways even for this group.

Character List/Book Summary:

Lewis – had a bad feeling about the Hawaii house when he first saw it. Sees the ghost army of Pele almost out of the sides of his eyes. Realizes that the model of Captain Chadwick’s ship and Uncle Jonathan’s magic might be able to help the ghosts of Captain Chadwick and his wife.

Rosa Rita – upset that she is in home economics and wants to be a writer when she grows up. Takes Lewis to talk to her grandfather about when he was in the navy and visited Hawaii. They learn about the legends of Pele and her ghost army. Decides she and Lewis need to make friends with David because he is a good person.

Jonathan – asks Lewis to let him know if anything strange happens with David because of the bad feeling that the Hawaii house gives off. Tries to help the garbage man when he goes crazy, and realizes that whatever was taken from the Hawaii house and put in the trash is what caused the problem.

Mrs. Zimmermann – worried that Lewis can see the ghost army and fears it means they are after Lewis. Keeps Pele engaged while Lewis tries to help the ghosts break the curse.

Captain Abediah Chadwick – built the Hawaii House for his bride, a Hawaiian Princess. His household died in a strange manner all in one night. Is separated from his wife’s spirit and every night their ghosts relieve that night.

David Keller – more fearful than Lewis, has a stutter, new kid at school who the bullies tease. Is hesitant to tell the story of being haunted by nightmares, but does so to Rosa Rita. Accepts that Lewis is trying to help after his uncle seems strange when visiting. Is amazed by Jonathan’s magic and agrees to keep the fact that Jonathan is a wizard a secret.

Ernest Keller – David’s father, accepts some help from Jonathan but things Jonathan is a strange man.


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