Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

A fun romantic comedy where the couple has broken up, been forced together by a “dead” aunt and then kidnapped and taken to Las Vegas over stolen diamonds. Mira Patel changed her name and her past to hide that her father was a criminal from potential suitors. After a string of failed matches her matchmaker fires her and she is contact by her dead aunt’s attorney to settle her estate. Naveen Desai has refocused his life and after his grandfather forced him into rehab he has gotten on a path that he enjoys. Their paths cross as Naveen’s grandfather was Mira’s aunt’s attorney. When Mira meets with Naveen to settle her aunt’s estate she is surprised to find out that her aunt did not mention the charity she worked with. While leaving Naveen’s office Mira is kidnapped and Naveen is too as he tried to stop the kidnapping. The two of them are off to Vegas as Cobra wants something that was stolen and is under the impression Mira has it or knows where it is. High-stakes poker games, insane outfits, reaching out to old friends, and trying to figure out what is going on at every stop bring Mira and Naveen together. With not one but several surprise twists along the way and at the end of the night it makes a great read. This book was hard to put down once started, because it was full of action, surprises, laughs, and love.

Character List/ Book Sumamry:

Mira Patel – allergic to milk, no family she claims, real name is Amira Chaudary, kidnapped after getting a key from her aunt’s estate. In an effort to find what Cobra wants and save her sister she reconnects with old friends, uses skills she has kept hidden in her new life, and realizes that the love she felt for Naveen may have scared her but the new versions of each other are what the other one needs.

Naveen Desai – his dad died 6 years ago, and his mother is eager to have her younger son married so much so she offers to buy him a beach front house in Malibu when he gets married. After his grandfather forced him to go to rehab for drinking he is taking over his grandfather’s solo law practice. Kidnapped with Mira and refuses to let her leave him behind as the two of them work on trying to figure out how to get what Cobra wants and keep his family safe.

Hema Auntie – Mira’s match maker, set Mira and Naveen up 2 years ago, fires Mira as a client after the latest match dumps her over lunch.

Christine – Mira’s best friend, and her family vouched for Mira with Hema Auntie. Pregnant and worried about Mira after hearing Jay dumped her.

Ted – Christine’s husband, works at the same accounting firm that Mira works at (how he and Christine met).

Aparna – Naveen’s cousin and tracked down Mira to settle her aunt’s estate

Rhea Chaudhary – Mira’s aunt, died recently. Left Mira her father’s inheritance, including a trunk of wedding outfits for her and her sister. Did not leave or mention anything about the charity she had worked for and recently retired from which Mira thought was strange.

Shweta – Naveen’s mother, wants Naveen to talk to his brother.

Ravi – Naveen’s grandpa, put Naveen in rehab before having him join his practice instead of staying a in big law firm

Kiran – Naveen’s brother, they have not spoken in 2 years. Naveen reaches out to him for help when it looks really dire for him and Mira.

Sejal – Mira’s older sister, has not spoken to Mira since Mira was 15 and Sejal left home. Tries to warn Mira about Cobra when Cobra uses Sejal as bait but the message fails.

Vassar – Mira’s father, used her and Sejal when they were younger to help with his criminal activity.

Emi Matsui – and old friend of Mira’s that Mira turns to for help with trying to track down the item Cobra wants. Emi sends her to her father’s two oldest and best friends.


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