Love on the Brain

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

This author has done it again with a rom-com based around academics and STEM. For those who love the idea of a Hallmark Movie but would like something with a “smarter” storyline this author hits the nail on the head. Bee is working at the NIH when she gets to work on a special project at NASA, but it comes with one hitch the guy running the project at NASA, Levi, acted like he hated Bee in school. Of course when forced to work together the “hatred” starts to melt away and they find themselves back each other up, supporting each other, and enjoying spending time with each other. In typical rom-com fashion there are a few misunderstandings along with way and Bee’s tendency to faint puts both Bee and Levi in an awkward positions once or twice. With any good love story it is not knowing that they end up together it seeing how they get there that makes for a fun read.

Character List/Summary:

Bee Konigswasser – ended up at the NIH for a horrible boss after her fiancé cheated on her and she had to change career plans at the last minute. Is selected to represent the NIH in Houston on a joint project with NASA for 3 months. Will co-head BLINK with Levi. Is a vegan and has been since she was a child. Runs a secret Twitter account and has a friendships with an unknown male scientist. After Levi gave her the silent treatment and refused to work with her, Bee assumed he hated her and thought she was a bad scientist.

Levi Ward – works at NASA, was rude to Bee in grad school. Has a family that is disappointed in him, despite how well he is doing with his work at NASA. Catches Bee several times when she faints and starts to realize when she will faint. On a business trip, realizes that his actions in grad school made everyone in school think he hated Bee and that Tim lied to Levi. Levi explains this to Bee and the two start to realize how much they enjoy spending time with each other. When he catches the person who sabotaged their project, directs Bee to a chair because he wont be able to catch her when she faints (this was possibly my favorite part of the book because it was so funny). Thought Bee was married because she wears her grandmother’s wedding band.

Tim – Bee’s ex-fiancé, cheated on her 6 months before their wedding with her best friend. Told Levi in grad school that his behavior was making Bee uncomfortable and to leave her alone.

Rocio – Bee’s research assistant. Goes to Houston with her, needs help taking the GREs but is overthinking the questions and answers which is why she is doing so poorly on them. Typically, in Goth attire and dislikes Kaylee for all her pink and sparkles. Does accept help from Kaylee to try and do better on the GRE and is surprised at the relationship that follows.

Guy Kowalsky – BLINK logistics person for Bee, an astronaut, and divorced. Asks Bee out, before Levi pointed out the wedding band (thinking she was married to Tim).

Kaylee Jackson – project manager for BLINK, helps Bee and Rocio get access to building and emails.


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