Seven-Year Witch

Seven-Year Witch by Angela M. Sanders

Josie is learning to use her magical powers, through letters her grandmother left her and the lesson on curses is just right on time for figuring out what the “curse” on the mill site is.  Sam has returned to the Big House and his wife, Fiona, is with him and “their” baby Nicky. The town is full of gossip that Fiona and Sam are getting a divorce so her arrival is even more gossip worthy. Sam is applying to be the new sheriff, and Fiona goes missing (assumed to be dead). Sam is the prime suspect, but Fiona was threatening the owners of the mill site to pay her or she would sue for the “unfair” price they paid Sam. While searching the mill site Josie feels the land being angry. Josie uses her magic and her desire to find out the truth to help clear Sam’s name, release the curse from the land, and find out a few other secrets along the way. The town characters help make for laughs along the way and keep the reader entertained enough to hope that some of the side stories continue in the next installment of this series.

Character List/Book Summary:

Josie Way – learning magic from her grandma’s letters. Librarian that gets her magical powers from books that talk to her. Seeing Sam gives her butterflies, but she is warned that he doesn’t see her as a romantic interest. Her magic tells her to look for the man in the picture. Trying to talk to the land spirit at the mill site, results in her being given a warning by a snake.

Sam Wilfred – his family founded the town, and he recently sold the old mill site to help the town get a retreat center. Rumored to be going through a divorce, knows Nicky is not his son but does not want that to be common knowledge. Is the prime suspect when Fiona goes missing, but is cleared since he was not around when she really dies.

Fiona – petite, very stylish, artist, goes missing after she gets directions to the mill from Josie and leaves her a sketch. Shows back up, not realizing people thought she was dead and were searching the pond for her. Threatened Sita and Ruff Waters over money and the mill site.

Mrs. Helen Garlington – thinks the mill site is cursed and that she saw a man with a gun on the site the morning that Fiona went “missing”

Darla – owns Darla’s cafe, is the de facto mayor.

Duke – Navy veteran, looking forward to being the foreman at the retreat center, restoring an M29 Weasel. Hinted to Josie that the levee needed to be fixed and that it was supposed to be in the plans but he didn’t see that when he saw Tommy’s plans.

Lewis Cruikshank – has hair like Nicky’s. Architect for the retreat center, had a loud argument with the Waters about the design in the library. Left a note that he was going to Portland, ended up being found in the pond.

Roz – library assistant and romance novelist. Recently, started dating Lyndon. Warns Josie that Sam does not see her in a romantic way and she doesn’t want to see Josie get hurt.

Rodney – Josie’s cat, has the same birthmark that Josie does. Josie can see through his eyes if she tries.

Dylan – high school student who helps out at the library and likes the ESL class the library hosts so he can practice his Spanish.

Ruth Littlewood – bird-watcher, owns/runs a vegetable canning operation, wants Rodney kept indoors so he doesn’t eat birds. Josie knows Rodney likes watching birds just like Ruth does and has no desire to eat or hunt birds.

Ruff Waters – owns the mill site and building a retreat center. He has his doubts because the town seems separated instead of a community coming together during the murder investigation. Changes his mind when he sees how the town reacts to the water coming over the levee.

Sita Waters – Ruff’s wife, she tells Josie she felt the mill site being angry not like the first time she visited and is rethinking the retreat center because it doesn’t have a good vibe anymore. Changes her mind when she sees the library during the storm.

Lyndon – caretaker of the library, comes across as rough but is a gentle soul who loves plants and kids. Dating Roz and enjoys puzzles.

Brett Thornsby – helping Fiona, he claims, yells at Sam that Fiona thought Sam was cheating her out of money in the divorce and accusing Sam of killing Fiona when she went missing the first time.

Tommy – rumored to be a ballroom dancer, might have a gambling problem. Contractor for the retreat center. Had an argument with Lewis the day Fiona went missing.

Meg Beattie – interim sheriff of Wilfred. Watches the town from the library a few times.

Lalena Dolby – reads palms and tarot cards, likes to take baths in the library’s tub once a week. Josie’s best friend in town. Very well versed in magic and explains land spirits to Josie.

Sarah Freeburger – Roz told Josie if she wants to know the mill’s history and more about Marilyn talking to Sarah would be a good place to start.


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