Witch and Famous

Witch and Famous by Angela M. Sanders

Josie Way is still learning about her magical abilities when she is faced with another murder, well two murders, and helping Roz save her relationship and writing career. Sam has become Sheriff and a famous actress is in town to interview Roz about her latest romance novel. When the people around the starlet start dying Sam and Josie try and figure out what is going on and who is responsible. Darla is out of town, that means the cafe and the tavern are closed, and the interesting townsfolk of Wilfred, Oregon try and make the library the new “hang out.” Josie is working overtime to learn her magic, keep Rodney out of trouble, the library a library (and not a tavern), and solving murders. This series is a delight to read and fans of this author and series can hope a 4th book is in the works and this series continues for many more books.

Character List/Book Summary: (spoilers limited)

Josie Way = witch who is the town librarian and gets her powers from books. Has feelings for Sam and is trying to fight them. A truth teller who seeks to have justice done. Her grandmother’s lesson is on love spells. Manages to create detectives from the books to review facts of the case with.

Roz = assistant librarian, writes romance novels on the side. Gets upset with how Lyndon is acting over Daphne and threatens her when Lyndon gives Daphne flowers. Refuses to apologize to Daphne and risks her interview not happening. Is suspected for one of the murders that happens to Daphne’s staff. Accidentally drinks the love potion that Josie created.

Sam Wilfred = sheriff who likes to have conversations with Josie on the porch at night talking about the cases he is working on. Josie helps him figure out what (not who) is stealing eggs. Allows Josie to help with a few pieces of the murder investigation and listens to her ideas about who is responsible for what happened.

Rodney – Josie’s familiar, black cat, does not get along with Daphne’s dog but does get along with Lalena’s dog.

Daphne Morris = actress who picked Roz’s book for her Book Club. Spending a week in town before interviewing Roz, tells Josie that she has a crush on Sam. Refuses to let her staff leave to work on their dreams.

Morgan Stanhope = Daphne’s personal assistant. Finds Bryce’s body, after hinting to Josie that there might be something big in NYC for her. Daphne refuses to let her take a role in a NYC theater. Is found dead in the kitchen.

Leo Wilkington = Daphne’s production manager. Wants to work on documentaries about local folklore and documentaries in general. Gets along well with Josie, is attractive.

Nicky = Sam’s son, 10 months old, mother died in book 2. Takes his first steps towards the end of the book.

Darla = the de facto mayor, in Georgia touring to get inspiration for rebuilding the cafe that was destroyed in the flood.

Lyndon Foster = library’s caretaker, loves kids, protective of his flowers. Dating Roz, both of whom had feelings for each other since high school (but did not tell each other until book 1). Gives Daphne flowers instead of Roz while dancing with Daphne. Roz breaks up with him, but of course they get back together by the end of the book.

Bryce = Daphne’s chef, very nice, found dead after the town’s party.

Lalena = Josie’s best friend in town, makes her money reading palms and tarot cards for people. Saw Morgan walking away from the party after Bianca’s reading.

Patty = owns “This n That” which hosted the town’s party. Watches VHS exercise videos, but does not work out to them.

Gibbous Moon = Daphne’s hair stylist, claims Bianca sold Daphne out to the tabloids about the drama around her divorce. Wants to start a cosmetic line, but is under contract with Daphne and cannot do it.

Bianca = Daphne’s cousin, slightly obsessed with Daphne.


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