The Man Who Died Twice

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman

The members of the Thursday Murder Club are back at solving murders and making sure that justice is delivered to those who need it. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim have extended their meeting to include Donna and Chris. Ibrahim is attacked while he is in town, and Elizabeth’s ex-husband is hiding in the retirement company after he stole $20 million in diamonds and asks for Elizabeth’s help. In seeking to find the diamonds her ex-husband stole and find his killer Elizabeth plots a way to get justice for Ibrahim. The lives of Bogdan, Donna, and Chris are expanded. The silly joys and plot twists that is the normal life of Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, Ibrahim, Donna and Chris are what make the story so hard to put down. After another enjoyable story with this cast of characters the worst part of the book is waiting until the next one in the series comes out.

Characters List/Story Summary:

Elizabeth Best – thought Marcus was dead, suggests that Joyce gets a rescue dog. Found Poppy and Douglas dead after Douglas wanted to show her something.

Joyce – a former nurse, Elizabeth sees how brilliant she can be at putting pieces together sometimes. Is called to comfort Poppy

Ron Ritchie – upset that Elizabeth called Joyce instead of him when Poppy killed someone.

Ibraham – ran away to England when he was younger instead of marrying the woman he loved, a psychiatrist who is afraid, is mugged, helps Donna move past her feeling of being stuck in life, helps the murder investigation while staying in his apartment

Marcus Carmichael – a cover name that Douglas used to hide in Coopers Chase, Elizabeth used that name to “hide” a body of who she passed secrets to the Russians to

Poppy – Douglas’s security, doesn’t want to work for the agency, is very upset after she kills someone protecting Douglas

DCI Chris Hudson – Donna’s boss and dating her mom, asks Ron and Bogdan for help after Connie threatens the woman he loves. Knows that the Thursday Murder Club is going to get justice for Ibraham when the police could not.

PC Donna De Freitas – is feeling stuck, has not had a relationship since the failed one that sent her to the new job.

Patrice- Donna’s mother, dating Chris, realizes that she loves Chris.

Connie Johnson – local drug dealer that Donn and Chris are watching, introduces herself to them and threatens Chris by threatening to hurt Patrice. Has a crush on Bogdan.

Stephen – Elizabeth’s husband, has dementia, plays chess with Bogdan, tries to help Elizabeth figure out who killed Douglas and Poppy

Bogdan Jankowski – in charge of the new Hillcrest development, knows when Elizabeth is lying about something. Helps Elizabeth set up several bad guys and protects the Thursday Murder Club when Sue sets her plan in action.

Douglas – Elizabeth’s ex-husband, admits he stole the diamonds and leaves her clues on where they really are.

Kendrick – Ron’s grandson, helps Ibraham go through the security footage and catches the clue on who the hidden person is

Martin Lomax – trusted middle man for bad guys, Douglas stole the diamonds from him.

Ryan Baird – mugged and beat up Ibraham, runs to Scotland instead of showing up at court. Joyce finds him by searching Instagram and then Elizabeth comes up with a plan to get him back in town for Donna and Chris to arrest him again.

Sue Reardon – MI5, in charge of the clean up after someone tried to kill Douglas.

Lance James – was with Douglas when he stole the diamonds, loosing his hair

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